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D3 – Diablo 3

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is there mmorpg games or on the web shooters that are Not possible to hack?

Question by mr smith: Are there mmorpg games or FPS shooters that are not hackable?
I love video games and have played them for years. But I want to know if there are any games that are not hackable. I am tired of getting my a## kicked by people using hacking apps and exploits like those found at TaultUnleashed. The last game I played was Guild Wars 2 and you could see people teleporting, even in front of GM’s, players, etc. It is getting out of control.

Greatest solution:

Answer by XUnleashed
The quick answer is – No. At one point, Diablo 3 claimed to be hack free, but in recent months, you can find fully automated bots, teleporting hacks, and even auction house exploits that let you buy things from the AH at way below the listing price. (Link to exploit)

Some other games like GW2 are running rampant. Here you will see teleporting harvesting, fully automated grinding bots, and even speed hacking. (Link to exploits)

To answer again, no there is no game out there that does not have hacking going on. If you want to play a game without hacks, find a nice friendly single player (offline) game and enjoy it. Maybe skyrim. But even in Skyrim, you can download a list of hacks, cheats, and so much more. But at least you play alone and if you decide to hack, its all on you.

Some game companies coming out promise that the new games like Blizzard’s new Titan will not have any cheating going on. Since Titan is still months away, only time will tell.

What do you feel? Response beneath!

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Diablo 3 Exploit – Barbarian Almost GOD mode Perma-Stun

So we are back again with yet another d3 exploit. Brought to you BEFORE it is nerfed. So try it out while you can, because d3 exploits like this will not last long.

This exploit talks about how you can get a barbarian to stun a mob for 2.5 seconds…. FOREVER. Yes that is right, it keeps stunning the mob over and over basically rendering it impotent.

Rather than give you step by step this time, we are going to give you a video showing you exactly how to reproduce it, and how you can use it for your own benefit.

Remember, we here at xunleashed, bring you all the latest diablo 3 exploits BEFORE they are fixed.

As promised, here is the video showing the exploit off.

If you have any problems or questions, please post them in the comments box below.

And remember, check back often for more!


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Diablo 3 Exploit – Invulnerable GOD mode Wizard

Thats right, as of this posting you can become invulnerable to ALL damage for the entire game. Only works for wizzies at the moment.

And of course, we bring it to you first.. this will be posted EVERYWHERE soon, but remember you saw it here first. AND BEFORE IT WAS FIXED!!!

Here is how it works:

Step 1: Select Teleport – Fracture. Bind it to a key
Step 2: Select Archon, tested with Improved Archon
Step 3: Hover your mouse over or near your charcter
Step 4: Press Teleport
Step 5: QUICKLY(!) Press Archon

Your char is now invulnerable.. you have activated GOD MODE. Yes it works.

NOTE: If you teleport again, it will remove GOD MODE. So do not teleport again.


It wont last long, so hurry up and grab all of those achievements while you can.

Since nothing can hurt you, you can play the entire act 1-4 killing EVERY elite, rare, etc and take no damage. Even if the enrage timer starts, you still do not get hurt.

Again, this wont last long, and it will be fixed very soon. But as always we bring you these latest exploits and bugs BEFORE they are fixed, so you can test them out just like the PROS!

If you enjoyed this diablo 3 exploit, please post in the comments below.

PS this works in softcore AND hardcore!!!!

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Diablo 3 Exploit – Sledge of Athskeleng

As always, XU here bringing you the latest and greatest exploits (before they are nerfed).

The latest is the Sledge of Athskeleng – legendary item. If you drop a few of these down on the ground, mobs cannot pass them. Its like an invisible wall and they are stuck.

What good is it? Well as you can see from this video, they are trapped on one side, and you can simply attack them and get awesom loot. It lets you farm areas that are way above you in terms of difficulty so you get better loot.

Here is a video showing off how it works. And yes it works with the latest 1.0.3 patch.

Right now these are cheap cheap cheap on the AH, so get them while they are hot.

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D3 – Free Inferno Loot

No this is not a gimmic, its for REAL! Free inferno level loot given away EVERY DAY. How do you get it? Its simple.. find live streams (posted to the d3 website) and watch and get free loot.

Here are just a few examples:

Here is how it works… you visit the website, signup and click follow ( you dont have to signup and follow if you dont want too, but this is how you find out when the run is starting)

When the run starts, if you clicked follow, you will get an email letting you know that the run has begun. When loot is found, they pick somebody at random and join their game and they give it away.. Easy PHAT LEWT!

Some of these are inferno pony runs. They run through the zone, killing all of the elites, then they invite 3 others to join in and they loot the clouds.. If you are new to pony land, the clouds are chests, and they usually ALL have atleast 1 magic item. It is not uncommon to get 5-7 rares in one cloud run. The best end game loot is found here in the clouds in pony land.

I hope you enjoyed this exploit/trick. Keep coming back for more, and as always post us a comment or two if you found this useful!

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D3 – Exploit – Hydra Heal

If you play a wizard, you may not be aware of how easy it is to play inferno once you use all of the “hidden” features – read as diablo 3 exploit.

When you cast a new venom hydra (killing the old hydra) it counts as a 3 kills.. one for each head. But you may not be aware, that it counts as a life on kill. So if you have say 1500 life on kill, when you spam that new hydra you just healed yourself for 4500.. not bad for only 15 mana points! ANd you can spam it.. so in a matter of seconds you can literally be full health.

Combine that with things like mana regen, or lowered spell costs, etc it becomes a necessary item currently in inferno to resume.

The alternative however limited is to stack life on globe (for you other classes).. but its not as good since you cant spam it whenever you like.

So, to summarize.. stack life on kill, spam hydra, get healed x3.

Here is a video showing off even more wizard d3 exploits/diablo 3 tricks that I use, including kiting, my build, and more.

If you like, please comment.

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Diablo 3 – Dupe working as of Patch 14

Me and a buddy found a d3 duping method that works.

What you do is join a diablo 3 game. You drop an item. The other person salvages the item. Leave game, and your item is back, and the essences are still with the other person.

You can also drop items, have the other person drop them also, leave on ground and rejoin. The items will be in inventory and on ground. If try to leave the game with the duped items, or vendor, the game closes for both you and the other person, and both inventories are rerolled.

This does not happen when the items are salvaged.

So, all items you dupe, you MUST salvage them or sell them. If you do not, you will crash out, and it will revert to no duped items.

Using this diablo 3 exploit method, you can make 100k gold in a matter of minutes. Literally!! So hurry up and try it out now before its hotfixed!!!


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Diablo 3 – New areas after beta (exploited)

As some of you are aware there are new areas that were leaked in the patch 13 of the beta so you could get past the locked gate in the cemetery.

These new areas are the Fields of Misery, Downed Temple, and Festering woods.

Here is a live stream that was recorded showing off the AWESOMENESS of the new content. Things like new vendors, dyes, new dungeons, and so much more. Mobs have new affixes like Molten, Jailer, Waller, and Vortex. Also the sheer number of mobs has increased, so that you are not just fighting 2-3 mobs anymore in the new areas, but 6-10+.

Just a few highlights.. Dyes – showing off how they work, new areas, new rare/elite mobs, new affixes, new weapons/armor.

This exploit has since been fixed, so that you cannot access this forbidden content anymore but this video is here to show you what you missed out on, and just how great this game is going to be.

I hope you enjoy. Please comment if you want to see other d3 videos.
Watch live video from noxicek on TwitchTV

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Diablo 3 Humor – Spell Damage is now weapon based

I saw this and I just had to share it. As some of you already know with the beta 5 patch, lots of changes are taking place. The biggest of these is the fact that now caster damage is now based on their weapon that they are carrying. This has lead to alot of debate over at the d3 forums about what this will mean for end game. Most people think that this will cause all characters to basically have the same weapon at level 60. It makes sense to me, if a big 2h sword has the highest DPS, then that will be the weapon of choice for all characters wont it?

This comic takes this to the exreme, but I think you will get the point.

Enjoy the laugh, and keep checking hack for more diablo 3 cheats, exploits, and tricks you will need to stay pro.

2h ftw!

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Diablo 3 Beta – Nude Run Through (funny)

Every once in a long while, you come across a video that just screams share me. This one is hilarious, and entertaining while at the same time offering a different approach at defeating the diablo 3 beta.

In this video, 4 female barbarians (all nude of course) make their way through the diablo 3 beta. They are not allowed to pick up any armor and can only use the starter weapon.

I find this a refreshing, since it adds quite a bit more of a challenge and skill to make it to the end. In some other videos, I have seen the Skeleton King 3 shotted because of advanced gear and weapons used. Here, you can see the Skeleton King one shotting the barbarians. This brings back in my opinion what the game is supposed to be all about.

Having fun.

Also as a nice added bonus, the commentary is quite funny and entertaining. So stay a while and listen.