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is there mmorpg games or on the web shooters that are Not possible to hack?

Question by mr smith: Are there mmorpg games or FPS shooters that are not hackable?
I love video games and have played them for years. But I want to know if there are any games that are not hackable. I am tired of getting my a## kicked by people using hacking apps and exploits like those found at TaultUnleashed. The last game I played was Guild Wars 2 and you could see people teleporting, even in front of GM’s, players, etc. It is getting out of control.

Greatest solution:

Answer by XUnleashed
The quick answer is – No. At one point, Diablo 3 claimed to be hack free, but in recent months, you can find fully automated bots, teleporting hacks, and even auction house exploits that let you buy things from the AH at way below the listing price. (Link to exploit)

Some other games like GW2 are running rampant. Here you will see teleporting harvesting, fully automated grinding bots, and even speed hacking. (Link to exploits)

To answer again, no there is no game out there that does not have hacking going on. If you want to play a game without hacks, find a nice friendly single player (offline) game and enjoy it. Maybe skyrim. But even in Skyrim, you can download a list of hacks, cheats, and so much more. But at least you play alone and if you decide to hack, its all on you.

Some game companies coming out promise that the new games like Blizzard’s new Titan will not have any cheating going on. Since Titan is still months away, only time will tell.

What do you feel? Response beneath!

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Diablo 3 Exploit – Barbarian Almost GOD mode Perma-Stun

So we are back again with yet another d3 exploit. Brought to you BEFORE it is nerfed. So try it out while you can, because d3 exploits like this will not last long.

This exploit talks about how you can get a barbarian to stun a mob for 2.5 seconds…. FOREVER. Yes that is right, it keeps stunning the mob over and over basically rendering it impotent.

Rather than give you step by step this time, we are going to give you a video showing you exactly how to reproduce it, and how you can use it for your own benefit.

Remember, we here at xunleashed, bring you all the latest diablo 3 exploits BEFORE they are fixed.

As promised, here is the video showing the exploit off.

If you have any problems or questions, please post them in the comments box below.

And remember, check back often for more!


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Diablo 3 Exploit – Invulnerable GOD mode Wizard

Thats right, as of this posting you can become invulnerable to ALL damage for the entire game. Only works for wizzies at the moment.

And of course, we bring it to you first.. this will be posted EVERYWHERE soon, but remember you saw it here first. AND BEFORE IT WAS FIXED!!!

Here is how it works:

Step 1: Select Teleport – Fracture. Bind it to a key
Step 2: Select Archon, tested with Improved Archon
Step 3: Hover your mouse over or near your charcter
Step 4: Press Teleport
Step 5: QUICKLY(!) Press Archon

Your char is now invulnerable.. you have activated GOD MODE. Yes it works.

NOTE: If you teleport again, it will remove GOD MODE. So do not teleport again.


It wont last long, so hurry up and grab all of those achievements while you can.

Since nothing can hurt you, you can play the entire act 1-4 killing EVERY elite, rare, etc and take no damage. Even if the enrage timer starts, you still do not get hurt.

Again, this wont last long, and it will be fixed very soon. But as always we bring you these latest exploits and bugs BEFORE they are fixed, so you can test them out just like the PROS!

If you enjoyed this diablo 3 exploit, please post in the comments below.

PS this works in softcore AND hardcore!!!!

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Diablo 3 Exploit – Endless Spawn Bug

Welcome back and thanks for visiting. You are here I am sure to view more diablo 3 exploits. Then you have come to the right place. We try to show you all of the bugs, cheats, exploits that we can find.

The top one on the list right is the ability to have an endless spawn rate of mobs around you. This is absolutely great for D3 MF (diablo 3 magic find). And it is fairly easy to reproduce.

(1) Find an area where enemies crawl out of the ground

(2) Go 2+ Screens away from this area or go to town

(3) Go back to the area to have enemies crawl out of the ground again

(Beta Specific) – The wretched mothers spawn mobs also, so when moving around, keep these 3 alive.

Now, what can you do with this besides MF? Well you can get some pretty amaizing achievements in the form of kill streaks. I’m sure you have seen the videos showing off 100-150 mobs being killed… what about one showing off 1000? Well look no further, in this video we show you how you can get a kill streak of over 1000 massacre kills by this amaizing diablo 3 cheat.

Keep in mind that to get a kill streak this large you have to keep killing very showly but continusouly. You cannot use any AE attacks, as it will kill too many too fast. You have to kill and move at the same time working your way away and then back towards the spot where the mobs are crawling out of the ground.

I hope you have enjoyed learning about this diablo 3 exploit, and keep checking back for more amazing diablo 3 tips and tricks.

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Diablo 3 – Exploits – Fast MF Magic Find Exploit

Welcome back, and thanks for tuning in for more diablo 3 mf brought to you exclusively for

D3 is all about MF. That is magic finding. What keeps diablo 3 fans so intrigued with the game is the idea that every time they kill a boss mob they might find some really good gear to enhance their character. Unfortunately, this is a very time consuming process. Usually to repeat quests you have to restart the entire quest line. Specifically in the skeleton king you have to do several quests before the king before you can open the door leading to him. Starting a new game forces you to repeat all of these pre-quests.

Fortunately, however, we found a way to drastically decrease the time between boss mob kills and thus enhance your diablo 3 MF.

Here is how it works. When you have a quest like killing the Skeleton King, upon his death, the quest is finished, HOWEVER, if you leave the game before the final death animation, you can quickly restart the game and be right at the point before the skeleton king.

This makes it super fast to farm boss mobs (only the skeleton king right now since its beta), but it is nevertheless a great diablo 3 exploit.

If you like this diablo 3 exploit, be sure to always keep checking back for more great diablo 3 cheats and diablo 3 exploits. We want to be your number one source for all things diablo.

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Diablo 3 – Exploit – Animation Canceling

As promised, we bring you the first Diablo 3 exploit found.

This exploit basically lets you get two attacks in the time it takes to do one. While this may not seem like much off hand, think of it this way, you can get double damage in the same time span. It also bypasses weapon delays, etc. It really is a very nice exploit.

To summarize here is how it works. You put one skill on your left mouse button, and a second skill on your hotbar (ie key 1). You press the mouse button, and then immediately press the hotkey 1. Since the hotkey  will take priority over the mouse, it will cause the attack animation to stop and start the hotkey attack.

Full length explanation follows as well as a video showing off the D3 exploit on different classes.


In diablo 3 (d3) the keyboard takes priority over the mouse. This allows an interruption in the normal game processing routines. In this particular case, animation cancelling. Using this technique, does have some caveats.

1) Animations are canceled allowing the character to spam spells drastically increased rate.
2) Spells like electrocute can be cast 2x
3) Channeled spells if cancelled will lock your character until your mana (hate, etc) is gone.

LMB = Left Mouse Button
RMB = Right Mouse Button
Mouse Button = Either LMB or RMB
Hotkey = Skills bound to the hotkey bar, but not in either LMB or RMB.  Default keys are 1-6.

Animation Cancelling Rules
1) Attacks bound to a mouse button may be cancelled for an attack bound to a hotkey.
2) You cannot cancel a spell/attack with the same spell/attack.
3) Channeled spells are fubar atm, because if cancelled, it will still drain your mana pool until its gone.
4) You cannot use auto-attack to cancel because it can only appear on a mouse button.
5) Hotkey attacks cannot be on the mouse buttons or they will not work.

How To perform the Diablo 3 Exploit
1) Bind an attack to your Left Mouse Button.  (Ex: Cleave)
2) Bind another attack to a Hotkey (Ex. Bash @ Keyboard key:1).  Just be sure that the hotkey attack is not on the right mouse button (see rules above)
3) Attack with Cleave
4) After Cleave’s damage has been dealt, press the hotkey for the 2nd attack.

So, what does all of this mean?
When you cancel the attack animation, you stop the recovery time. This causes the next attack to perform instantly . Thus you are attacking faster then you should be able too.

In Diablo 3, the basic spell routine will follow these steps:
1) Before – The spell/attack has been started but it has not damaged the mob yet.
2) During – Damage is being delt.
3) After – Damage has been delt, and the player is back in the normal state.  The player cannot perform any actions during this time.  This begins just after the damage has been delt, until the player can attack again.
4) Cooldown (optional) – This is the period in which the player must wait before he can cast the spell again.

Diablo 3’s spells and attacks conform to these steps.  Using the Barbarian’s Cleave as an example:
1) Before – The Barbarian draws his weapon back.
2) During – The swing takes place, and you see the red swipe effect.
3) After – The barbarian returns to his normal stance (not attacking)
4) Cooldown – Not all attacks and spells have cooldowns, in this case, the cooldown is added to the attack routine so it is not an instant effect but takes place over time.

By cancelling an attack, you skip step 3.

Lets take a closer look. Normally the Barbarian can do 1 cleave every second, or one bash every second. So in 10 seconds, he can get 5 cleaves and 5 bashes. However with the diablo 3 exploit for cancelling he can get 10 attack in 7.5 seconds!!!

Lets map the time it takes to do 5 Cleaves and 5 Bashes the normal way:
0.0 Seconds: Cleave(1)
1.0 Seconds: Bash(1)
2.0 Seconds: Cleave(2)
3.0 Seconds: Bash(2)
4.0 Seconds: Cleave(3)
5.0 Seconds: Bash(3)
6.0 Seconds: Cleave(4)
7.0 Seconds: Bash(4)
8.0 Seconds: Cleave(5)
9.0 Seconds: Bash(5)
10.0 Seconds: DONE – 10 Attacks in 10 Seconds

Now with cancelling:
0.0 Seconds: Cleave(1)
0.5 Seconds: Bash(1)
1.5 Seconds: Cleave(2)
2.0 Seconds: Bash(2)
3.0 Seconds: Cleave(3)
3.5 Seconds: Bash(3)
4.5 Seconds: Cleave(4)
5.0 Seconds: Bash(4)
6.0 Seconds: Cleave(5)
6.5 Seconds: Bash(5)
7.5 Seconds: DONE – 10 Attacks in 7.5 Seconds

Video Notes: