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Diablo 3 Humor – Spell Damage is now weapon based

I saw this and I just had to share it. As some of you already know with the beta 5 patch, lots of changes are taking place. The biggest of these is the fact that now caster damage is now based on their weapon that they are carrying. This has lead to alot of debate over at the d3 forums about what this will mean for end game. Most people think that this will cause all characters to basically have the same weapon at level 60. It makes sense to me, if a big 2h sword has the highest DPS, then that will be the weapon of choice for all characters wont it?

This comic takes this to the exreme, but I think you will get the point.

Enjoy the laugh, and keep checking hack for more diablo 3 cheats, exploits, and tricks you will need to stay pro.

2h ftw!

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