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Tera Online Collector’s Edition

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[Tera HD] Guidebook to Archers

[Tera HD] Guide to Archers

Leveling your TERA Archer can be as swift as an arrow if you know how to use this mobile and highly versatile class for fast soloing and grouping.

TERA Archer Solo Leveling

TERA Archers were bred for long distance attacks. They make great solo characters, but you must learn how to fight them at a distance and then pack on multiple shots before the mob gets to your character.

This class is ideal for having a starting advantage. They have some powerful attacks that can be charged and yield a significant amount of damage, and then fill the time with instant shots, while your big spells are on cooldown.

Dont let the enemy get close to you. You can use a tera teleporter exploit, or a tera speed hack to keep out of the range of attacking mobs. These can be found over at the TaultUnleashed  Tera Exploits site.

Without those kinds of hacks, try to keep your archer as far away from the attacking mob as possible. This will include evasive spells, backstep, etc. You can also drop a trap, and then use backstep, etc to avoid getting hit.

TERA Archer Group Leveling

While grouping as an archer, you are basically a wizard style class (from other mmorpg games) dealing ranged dps. Just pick your highest dps rotation, and keep rotating. With a good tank protecting the archer, you can hold a fairly constant dps with can turn the tide in some of the BAM fights.
For those that do not want to level up slowly and would rather just have a tera bot do all of the fighting, leveling, looting, for you. You should grab the tera bot over at mmoviper. It will hunt for hours on end while you watch, or take a nap, or actually go outside and see the world. The mmoviper tera bot is fully customizable so that you can specify what types of monsters you want to fight, and what spell rotation you want to use. I hope you go take a look at it.