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Diablo 3 Beta – Kill Streaks

Welcome back to the Diablo 3 guides and strategies site. In today’s episode, we are going to talk about kill streaks in diablo 3.

Kill streaks are one of the things that the diablo team has incorporated into the game to help replayability. This is kinda of like achievements in world of warcraft. The idea here is how high of a kill streak can you get?

While these tips and tricks are not exactly diablo 3 cheats, it will let you gain an advantage to help you get higher record scores.

To here are a few tips to help you get the highest kill streak possible in diablo 3.

1. Stay moving.

2. Keep shooting

Those are the two most important things to remember, as if you stop for too long, the game will stop recording and display your streak.


1. Try to chain groups together from nearby mobs. The thought here is to start fighting one group, and slowly move to the next group. That way you can merge the two smaller groups into one larger one for a bigger kill streak.

2. If you have a mob that does summons, let them keep resummoning mobs for as long as possible to increase the sheer number of mobs available for the massacre.

3. For random events located in dungeons that you know will spawn mobs, try to bring nearby groups to the main event before you initiate the event.


That is basically it. Be sure to watch the video to get a really good idea of the concepts to get your record diablo 3 kill streak up there with the best of them.

Stay tuned for more diablo 3 guides, and strategies. We post videos often so check back soon!