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Diablo 3 – Dupe working as of Patch 14

Me and a buddy found a d3 duping method that works.

What you do is join a diablo 3 game. You drop an item. The other person salvages the item. Leave game, and your item is back, and the essences are still with the other person.

You can also drop items, have the other person drop them also, leave on ground and rejoin. The items will be in inventory and on ground. If try to leave the game with the duped items, or vendor, the game closes for both you and the other person, and both inventories are rerolled.

This does not happen when the items are salvaged.

So, all items you dupe, you MUST salvage them or sell them. If you do not, you will crash out, and it will revert to no duped items.

Using this diablo 3 exploit method, you can make 100k gold in a matter of minutes. Literally!! So hurry up and try it out now before its hotfixed!!!


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