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Rift 1.2 Released – Bugs Cheats & Exploits

Rift releases yet another patch for the game. However, this patch is a biggie for those that are running bots and other cheats. Officially the patch was released to fix a few major bugs, but it also addresses some issues for gameplay and some stealth fixes.

One of the biggest changes they made was to give the players the ability to ascend a friend. This basically lets a current subscriber let a friend have a free 7 day trial. Some of the other changes was to allow players to use slivers more, get a 5th role at calling a trainer, and craft rifts. Along with pvp rewards, bosses made easier, and improve the auction house.

But the patch also included a stealth fix for botting. They essentially made it so that all current bots are no longer functioning and will have to be recoded. This comprises a first for rift. Up until now, bots and cheating has run rampant. From rift harvest bots, to rift speed hack and rift teleport. A few rift exploits were also fixed. So the teleport hacks would no longer function correctly, or the game would detect it and not allow the player to move that far. Mainly thought, they fixed the public versions of the exploits. Other cheats that are associated with private sites like TaultUnleashed remain uneffected. This poses a big problem, as there are quite a few private sites out there with some serious cheats that are still available. I can only imagine that these rift cheats will be fixed in a future patch, but only time will tell.

You can still equip rift gear and rift weapons that you are not supposed to be allowed to use, as well as private harvest bots, and a rift leveling bot.

There is talk of a wow warden like guardian that will be protecting the game down the line, but who is to say how long that will take to be fully implemented. For now, if you are a legit player, enjoy the game with a few less bots running around. If you are a botter, use the private rift bots while you still can.