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D3 – Diablo 3

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Diablo 3 Exploit – Endless Spawn Bug

Welcome back and thanks for visiting. You are here I am sure to view more diablo 3 exploits. Then you have come to the right place. We try to show you all of the bugs, cheats, exploits that we can find.

The top one on the list right is the ability to have an endless spawn rate of mobs around you. This is absolutely great for D3 MF (diablo 3 magic find). And it is fairly easy to reproduce.

(1) Find an area where enemies crawl out of the ground

(2) Go 2+ Screens away from this area or go to town

(3) Go back to the area to have enemies crawl out of the ground again

(Beta Specific) – The wretched mothers spawn mobs also, so when moving around, keep these 3 alive.

Now, what can you do with this besides MF? Well you can get some pretty amaizing achievements in the form of kill streaks. I’m sure you have seen the videos showing off 100-150 mobs being killed… what about one showing off 1000? Well look no further, in this video we show you how you can get a kill streak of over 1000 massacre kills by this amaizing diablo 3 cheat.

Keep in mind that to get a kill streak this large you have to keep killing very showly but continusouly. You cannot use any AE attacks, as it will kill too many too fast. You have to kill and move at the same time working your way away and then back towards the spot where the mobs are crawling out of the ground.

I hope you have enjoyed learning about this diablo 3 exploit, and keep checking back for more amazing diablo 3 tips and tricks.

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Diablo 3 – Exploits – Fast MF Magic Find Exploit

Welcome back, and thanks for tuning in for more diablo 3 mf brought to you exclusively for

D3 is all about MF. That is magic finding. What keeps diablo 3 fans so intrigued with the game is the idea that every time they kill a boss mob they might find some really good gear to enhance their character. Unfortunately, this is a very time consuming process. Usually to repeat quests you have to restart the entire quest line. Specifically in the skeleton king you have to do several quests before the king before you can open the door leading to him. Starting a new game forces you to repeat all of these pre-quests.

Fortunately, however, we found a way to drastically decrease the time between boss mob kills and thus enhance your diablo 3 MF.

Here is how it works. When you have a quest like killing the Skeleton King, upon his death, the quest is finished, HOWEVER, if you leave the game before the final death animation, you can quickly restart the game and be right at the point before the skeleton king.

This makes it super fast to farm boss mobs (only the skeleton king right now since its beta), but it is nevertheless a great diablo 3 exploit.

If you like this diablo 3 exploit, be sure to always keep checking back for more great diablo 3 cheats and diablo 3 exploits. We want to be your number one source for all things diablo.

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Diablo 3 – Exploit – Animation Canceling

As promised, we bring you the first Diablo 3 exploit found.

This exploit basically lets you get two attacks in the time it takes to do one. While this may not seem like much off hand, think of it this way, you can get double damage in the same time span. It also bypasses weapon delays, etc. It really is a very nice exploit.

To summarize here is how it works. You put one skill on your left mouse button, and a second skill on your hotbar (ie key 1). You press the mouse button, and then immediately press the hotkey 1. Since the hotkey  will take priority over the mouse, it will cause the attack animation to stop and start the hotkey attack.

Full length explanation follows as well as a video showing off the D3 exploit on different classes.


In diablo 3 (d3) the keyboard takes priority over the mouse. This allows an interruption in the normal game processing routines. In this particular case, animation cancelling. Using this technique, does have some caveats.

1) Animations are canceled allowing the character to spam spells drastically increased rate.
2) Spells like electrocute can be cast 2x
3) Channeled spells if cancelled will lock your character until your mana (hate, etc) is gone.

LMB = Left Mouse Button
RMB = Right Mouse Button
Mouse Button = Either LMB or RMB
Hotkey = Skills bound to the hotkey bar, but not in either LMB or RMB.  Default keys are 1-6.

Animation Cancelling Rules
1) Attacks bound to a mouse button may be cancelled for an attack bound to a hotkey.
2) You cannot cancel a spell/attack with the same spell/attack.
3) Channeled spells are fubar atm, because if cancelled, it will still drain your mana pool until its gone.
4) You cannot use auto-attack to cancel because it can only appear on a mouse button.
5) Hotkey attacks cannot be on the mouse buttons or they will not work.

How To perform the Diablo 3 Exploit
1) Bind an attack to your Left Mouse Button.  (Ex: Cleave)
2) Bind another attack to a Hotkey (Ex. Bash @ Keyboard key:1).  Just be sure that the hotkey attack is not on the right mouse button (see rules above)
3) Attack with Cleave
4) After Cleave’s damage has been dealt, press the hotkey for the 2nd attack.

So, what does all of this mean?
When you cancel the attack animation, you stop the recovery time. This causes the next attack to perform instantly . Thus you are attacking faster then you should be able too.

In Diablo 3, the basic spell routine will follow these steps:
1) Before – The spell/attack has been started but it has not damaged the mob yet.
2) During – Damage is being delt.
3) After – Damage has been delt, and the player is back in the normal state.  The player cannot perform any actions during this time.  This begins just after the damage has been delt, until the player can attack again.
4) Cooldown (optional) – This is the period in which the player must wait before he can cast the spell again.

Diablo 3’s spells and attacks conform to these steps.  Using the Barbarian’s Cleave as an example:
1) Before – The Barbarian draws his weapon back.
2) During – The swing takes place, and you see the red swipe effect.
3) After – The barbarian returns to his normal stance (not attacking)
4) Cooldown – Not all attacks and spells have cooldowns, in this case, the cooldown is added to the attack routine so it is not an instant effect but takes place over time.

By cancelling an attack, you skip step 3.

Lets take a closer look. Normally the Barbarian can do 1 cleave every second, or one bash every second. So in 10 seconds, he can get 5 cleaves and 5 bashes. However with the diablo 3 exploit for cancelling he can get 10 attack in 7.5 seconds!!!

Lets map the time it takes to do 5 Cleaves and 5 Bashes the normal way:
0.0 Seconds: Cleave(1)
1.0 Seconds: Bash(1)
2.0 Seconds: Cleave(2)
3.0 Seconds: Bash(2)
4.0 Seconds: Cleave(3)
5.0 Seconds: Bash(3)
6.0 Seconds: Cleave(4)
7.0 Seconds: Bash(4)
8.0 Seconds: Cleave(5)
9.0 Seconds: Bash(5)
10.0 Seconds: DONE – 10 Attacks in 10 Seconds

Now with cancelling:
0.0 Seconds: Cleave(1)
0.5 Seconds: Bash(1)
1.5 Seconds: Cleave(2)
2.0 Seconds: Bash(2)
3.0 Seconds: Cleave(3)
3.5 Seconds: Bash(3)
4.5 Seconds: Cleave(4)
5.0 Seconds: Bash(4)
6.0 Seconds: Cleave(5)
6.5 Seconds: Bash(5)
7.5 Seconds: DONE – 10 Attacks in 7.5 Seconds

Video Notes:

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Diablo 3 Beta – Kill Streaks

Welcome back to the Diablo 3 guides and strategies site. In today’s episode, we are going to talk about kill streaks in diablo 3.

Kill streaks are one of the things that the diablo team has incorporated into the game to help replayability. This is kinda of like achievements in world of warcraft. The idea here is how high of a kill streak can you get?

While these tips and tricks are not exactly diablo 3 cheats, it will let you gain an advantage to help you get higher record scores.

To here are a few tips to help you get the highest kill streak possible in diablo 3.

1. Stay moving.

2. Keep shooting

Those are the two most important things to remember, as if you stop for too long, the game will stop recording and display your streak.


1. Try to chain groups together from nearby mobs. The thought here is to start fighting one group, and slowly move to the next group. That way you can merge the two smaller groups into one larger one for a bigger kill streak.

2. If you have a mob that does summons, let them keep resummoning mobs for as long as possible to increase the sheer number of mobs available for the massacre.

3. For random events located in dungeons that you know will spawn mobs, try to bring nearby groups to the main event before you initiate the event.


That is basically it. Be sure to watch the video to get a really good idea of the concepts to get your record diablo 3 kill streak up there with the best of them.

Stay tuned for more diablo 3 guides, and strategies. We post videos often so check back soon!


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Diablo 3 Beta – Review of Crafting

Welcome back to the Diablo 3 Beta review site.

Today we are going to review crafting as it is right now in the beta. In order to craft, you have to unlock artisans who do the actual crafting for you.

To begin crafting you have to do couple of simple quests to unlock the blacksmith. First, talk to Deckard Cain. He will send you to talk to the blacksmith. He is in a bind, and needs a favor. Pretty straightforward, you head down to the “Cellar of the Damned”, and kill his wife who has turned into a undead. Afterwards, he asks for yet another favor. He needs the crown of Leoric found in the Chancellor’s Tomb. Upon finishing these two quests, he is grateful, and will offer crafting services for the player.

Now that crafting is available, you will need recipe’s and mats.

Most of the recipe’s are trained directly from the blacksmith, but some of them are found in dungeons. To train the blacksmith for more recipe’s you will need Pages of Training. 5 of these combine into a Training Tome. These Tomes are then traded along with a few gold to advance his skills. Currently there is 10 levels that can be trained, and each level will take 5 tomes. Training starts out at 500 gold. Once the diablo 3 beta blacksmith reaches level 2, then training will cost 1000 gold. Level 3 is 1500, and level 4 is 2000. This may change as it gets closer to the release of D3.

So now the blacksmith is properly trained, we need mats (Materials) for crafting. These are obtained from mobs, as well as breaking down items into mats using the Nephalem Cube. Common items break down into Common scrap, and magic items into subtile essence and often common scrap as well. Rare’s will break down into a Fallen Tooth, and a Legendary into Petrified Bark.

Once you have obtained mats (and lots and lots of gold), you are ready to begin crafting.

Head to the blacksmith, and open up the crafting window. To craft, it is as simple as clicking on the recipe and then craft. For an example of what is requred to craft, Apprentice Leather Cuffs requre 6 scraps, 4 essence, and 220 gold. When you hover over the recipe, it will tell you what you will receive. In this case, the Diablo 3 Apprentice Leather Cuffs have 10 armor, 5-7% chance of finding magical items, and 1 random property. So the item you will make will nto be the same every time. Each of the attributes will differ slightly. It has been rumored, that they might even add the quality of the craft at a later date to make even more exceptional items.

Here are some of the diablo 3 recipe’s that people have discovered thus far in the beta. Diablo 3 Recipes <<– Clickable

So that is crafting in a nutshell. Stay tuned for more Diablo 3 Guides, Diablo 3 Cheats, and other Diablo 3 information.

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Diablo 3 Beta – Monk complete walkthrough


And we are back with the latest walkthrough of the popular diablo 3 beta. Since the d3 beta went live just a few days ago, the response has been intense. While you may have missed out on the beta, by watching these walkthroughs, its like you got your own personal beta key. Please watch these in full screen, on full HD 1080p mode and watch them from start to finish. It really is like you are in the diablo 3 beta. I know everybody wants a diablo 3 beta key, but this really almost as good!!!

In today’s episode, we are going to play from beginning to the end with the monk class. This is a close combat fighter similar to the barbarian, however, with one imporant difference. While the barbarian has to maintain fury to use his special attacks, the monk’s pool of spirit is more comparable to a wizard’s mana. You can keep spamming your attacks until you run out of spirit. However like the barbarian the diablo 3 monk class gets spirit generators to help keep the spirit pool maxed out.

The monk is a faster type of attacker than the barbarian. While the barbarian has massive dammage slow attacks, the monk has more lighter dammage attacks, but can spam then much faster.

He starts out with Fists of Thunder and Blinding Flash.

Like the barbarian, he has generators and spenders. The Fists of thunder will damage an opponent while at the same time generating spirit. And the Blinding Flash is a crowd control ability that consumes spirit and blinds opponents in a 20 yard range for 5 seconds. While blinded they will not attack back until they are attacked first. This is a pretty strong ability, since it will allow the monk to go into a really crowded room, cast blinding flash, and then take them out one at a time.

Strategies for the monk are varied among the players, as you can play through the beta with nothing but your starting skills and walk through to the end of the final boss fight with the skeleton king. So really, there is not much in the way of what is better than something else. However, as seen in this video, in the fight with the skeleton king at the end of the diablo 3 beta, I used deadly reach, and lashing tail kick. The boss really did not have a chance.

Keep checking back for more diablo 3 beta videos, news about diablo 3 cheats, diablo 3 guides, and so much more!!!


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Diablo 3 Beta – Witch Doctor Complete walkthrough


And we are back with another installment of the complete walkthrough series of all 5 of the classes available. In this diablo 3 beta walkthrough, we are going to play the witch doctor.

This class is the “summoner” class. Some people liken it to the old necromancer class of days gone by.

The starting spells are Summon Zombie Dogs, and Poison dart. The class has quite a few summon spells (hence the summoner nickname). Since the summon spells do count for quite a bit of the damage that the class can deal and the mana pool replenishes quite fast.

Now the summoner type classes have never been my favorite, but this Witch Doctor class in the diablo 3 beta is quite attractive. I love the different kinds of summons that are available, probably my favorite is the flaming bats where he will summon hundreds of bats and then they fly through a fireplace, become on fire, and head toward you target. The attention to detail is amazing.

It appears from the amount of videos that are starting to show up on the web, that this witch doctor class is fast becoming a class favorite. I think it is just because the class is so unique and different from the standard genera. I mean how many games can you leave frog guts all over the screen?

Overall the witch doctor is quite a versatile class. He includes aoe, snare, crowd control, ranged, passive, etc. Pretty much a little bit of everything in one class.

Something to note, because of the pets, this class is not quite as much of a clickfest as the other classes, since the summoned pets do quite a bit of damage while you sit back and watch.

The class is a little slower than the other classes as far as how fast killing goes, but over all the class in my opinion is by far overpowered. This is quite apparent from the videos.

I hope you have been enjoying these videos. Still to come are videos of the crafting system, diablo 3 cheats, diablo 3 guides, and so much more. Keep watching, still more to come.


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Diablo 3 Beta – Wizard complete walkthrough

Diablo 3 – D3 Beta Walk though series.

Welcome back to the walkthrough of the diablo 3 beta act 1 scene 1. That is all available during this first beta, and it is not alot of content, but what is available is very fun and VERY addictive. In this video series, we walk through using the wizard class of the diablo 3 beta.

The wizard stats off with Rapid Cast, Offensive, and Utility abilities. Our starting spells are Frost Nova and Magic Missle. The frost nova utility spell is a aoe freezing spell that freezes opponents (cool down of 12 seconds) and the magic missle is the rapid cast spell that does quite a bit of damage.

This is by far my favorite class. Just having massive damage, crowd control, and ranged attacks all bundled into one class makes for a pretty powerful character. In my opinion, it is probably overpowered in the beta as this walkthrough we run through the entire diablo 3 beta act 1 scene 1 rather quickly. While my other walkthroughs have 3 parts, this one is done in only 2.

Another note worth mentioning, is this class can be played differently depending on your play style. If you like ranged classic style magic users fine, however, if you prefer melee combat (read as battle mage), you can use a different set of spells, like frost armor, and spectral blade.

Something that is specific to diablo 3 that was not in the previous two releases is random quests/encounters. This is where from out of nowhere there will be a rapid spawn of several dozens of monsters for you to slay usually including a named mob with some magic rewards. This can be seen in the first video at the very end and finishing off in the first part of the second vide.

Again, the wizard finished the d3 beta in under an hour as compared to the other classes. Now, granted, as every game is played, you learn tricks/shortcuts that helps, but the class really is a powerful class.

As these walkthroughs progress you can see that it is becoming very apparent that the replayability is heavily based on item acquisition. The beta does not cover much material, but every time I play I find myself wondering what hidden treasure will I find today. So I keep playing.. over and over and over….

I still need to post some diablo 3 cheats, and some really good diablo 3 guides, so stay tuned for more posts.

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Diablo 3 Beta – Demon Hunter Full Walkthrough


And we are back with the Full walkthrough series showing off all 5 of the character classes that are available in the diablo 3 beta.

In this episode of the diablo 3 beta walkthrough, we are going to show off the Demon Hunter.

This is the ranged hunter class of the game. Using bows, crossbows, and other ranged weapons.

The interesting thing about this class is it has a dual resource instead of just mana, etc, he has hate gain and discipline. And likewise, his abilities are tied to generating hate and/or dicipline.

His starting ability is hungering arrow. It is an ofensive spell, that has a chance to go through an enemy and keep going. His dicipline spell is called caltrops. This is a type of snare trap.

As far as your mana pool (again hate/dicipline) hate regenerates very fast, while dicipline is very slow.

As for item drops that the diablo 3 mainly consists of blue or magic common items. However, very rarely when you kill the final boss mob (the skeleton king) you have a chance to receive a rare item. In this video I show off one that was found in the last series (the barbarian walkthrough). It is the Chained Killer belt that is classified as Rare. It is a yellow item. It Regenerates .4 life per second, +3 attack, +5 vitality, and increases the base experience per kill by +1. Not too bad.

Right now, the thought, is that you can only get a chance for a rare is the very first time a boss mob is killed, so you cannot farm over and over with the same character and hope to get one. You will have to start a new character for a chance. And as of this writing, there are only about 40 rare items even possible to get.

My thoughts are the Demon Hunter is quite stronger and faster at taking down mobs than the barbarian during the d3 beta. Keep in mind that the diablo 3 beta is very limited, so the classes will change drastically as different fights/battles are encountered later on in the game. The only draw back is that the DH class is not quite as capable of taking damage (since it is a ranged class), but the beta mobs are so weak, the DH just flys through them all.

Another weakness is that most of the attacks are designed for one mob at a time (some explode or effect multiple mobs) but for the most part it is a 1 on 1 class. While the barbarian could take on hordes and hordes of mobs all at once. Now the Demon hunter can too just from a ranged point of view. He can take them down before the swarms hit him.

Again, we do not show off much diablo 3 cheats and diablo 3 guides, but they are coming. Just keep checking back or view some of the links over on the left.






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Diablo 3 Beta – Barbarian complete walkthrough

Diablo 3 beta begins!!!

Everybody is so excited, and now you can get in on the excitement. Here we take the barbarian from the beginning all the way through to the end of the beta. This comprises of act 1 Scene 1 completely even the final boss mob the Skeleton King.

This is the first of a series of videos taking you through all 5 classes that will be released when the diablo 3 comes out. These are full walkthrough videos, from the char creation all the way through to the end boss mob.

In this video we demonstrate the barbarian and his abilities. His main attributes are Fury generators and Fury spenders. We get 100 max. The main spells we use are bash and threatining shout.

Here you can see as I change spells and abilities as I progress through the game, and show off all of the barbarian skills and spells/abilities that you will have access to in the beta. While it is not much as the beta is currently limited to around level 13-14.

There are active and passive skills. These will change as you level, and you will get more of them available at later levels.

Starting out, you get two abilities and one passive. At the max level (not available during the beta) you will get up to a max of 6 abilities/spells and 3 passive skills.

The diablo 3 beta also limits the armor and weapons to mainly blue (magic) items. There is one legendary item, but it is not that good. I forget what it is called, some sword or another that I saw. The community has found around 40 rares though (yellow items).

During the diablo 3 gameplay, you will get lore and audio clips that play so you do not have to do much reading. Which is quite nice, as you can continue to play and listen at the same time.

Diablo 3 supports a full quest system, based directly from World of Warcraft it seems. The main interface looks very similar as well, with the radar in the top corner, and the quest window/information underneath.


All in all, the beta is very easy, remember that it only includes a third of act 1. That is act 1 scene 1 and nothing else at this time.

Total game play is around 3 hours from start to finish. This video is about 24 minutes long, but in this video we skip all of the lore/quest/text that comes up to just go through the end as fast as we can just to show off the barbarian skills.

One thing to note, is the attention to detail that Blizzard put into the diablo 3 beta (d3 beta). Little things like bugs on the ground, or tables crumbling at a mob being thrown into them. Quite nice.


Well I hope you enjoy this d3 othewise known as diablo 3 beta video.

Stay tuned to the other videos as we show off the other 4 classes all of the way through the beta.

Now, in this video we do not show off any of the diablo 3 cheats or diablo 3 hacks, but stay tuned as we will be posting some of them soon.