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D3 – Free Inferno Loot

No this is not a gimmic, its for REAL! Free inferno level loot given away EVERY DAY. How do you get it? Its simple.. find live streams (posted to the d3 website) and watch and get free loot.

Here are just a few examples:

Here is how it works… you visit the website, signup and click follow ( you dont have to signup and follow if you dont want too, but this is how you find out when the run is starting)

When the run starts, if you clicked follow, you will get an email letting you know that the run has begun. When loot is found, they pick somebody at random and join their game and they give it away.. Easy PHAT LEWT!

Some of these are inferno pony runs. They run through the zone, killing all of the elites, then they invite 3 others to join in and they loot the clouds.. If you are new to pony land, the clouds are chests, and they usually ALL have atleast 1 magic item. It is not uncommon to get 5-7 rares in one cloud run. The best end game loot is found here in the clouds in pony land.

I hope you enjoyed this exploit/trick. Keep coming back for more, and as always post us a comment or two if you found this useful!

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