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GW2 – Exploit – Splendid Chest lootable anytime even in overflow

Wow, here is a splendid level 50+ chest that drops blue/green items.

What is best of all, you dont have to kill anything to loot it. Thats right, its open to the world. Even in overflow zones, so you can really farm this and get easy gold/items.

Here is a pic of it:

Location Harathi highland (35-45 lvl)

Its supposed to be part of the Group event:  Defeat Ulgoth the Modniir, but you dont have to kill him to loot it!!!

So to summarize:  Usually you have to kill a boss to get a chest like this. But this one spawns before/after the event and you loot it.

Be sure to load up the game and grab it from the overflow, too.. easy farming..  Usually there are several overflow zones going on, so you can log out over and over and usually grab this one pretty fast.


Hurry up, this wont last long. GW2 exploits like this are fixed ASAP!!!

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GW2 – Exploit – Unlimited GOLD

Currently there is a gw2 exploit that will let you turn karma into gold and then into gems!!!

Here is a picture of it in action

GW2 gold Exploit

The basics of the gw2 exploit is as follows:

42karma buys you 25 chili peppers and 25 cheese wedges

You use those to make 25 poppers and sell them for 10c, so 250c/42 karma or 6c/karma.

So you now have more karma to repeat the process.

Please post in the comments about this new gw2 exploit. And keep following for more gw2 bot, gw2 gold, gw2 farming, etc.


We try to have it all.. Hurry, cuz this exploit will not last long!!!