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SWTOR – MMOViper Bot – First SWTOR Bot

Well, the mmoviper team is working rather fast. They just released their SWOTR Bot – Star Wars: The Old Republic Bot.

It is still in its early phases, but currently it will hunt, loot, rez, and show a overlay of the radar.

take a look at the video below. I beleive it will pretty much answer any questions you may have.

If you have ever thought about botting in swotr, then grab this swtor bot fast. It is just as good as swtor powerleveling but a heck of a lot cheaper. I mean 20 bucks really? That is it? I would have paid alot more. I’ve already gotten 3 levels while I am posting this blog entry.

Lets see, you can tell it where to hunt. You can tell it how you want to hunt. If you want to loot, if you want to res. Oh, and if you want to avoid other players, you can even tell it to not farm around others. It is a rather complex swtor bot.

And since it loots, it is also making me rich. What more can I say. Visit MMOViper and grab your copy NOW!