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FFXIV – Launch Multiple Clients (multi-mode)


In ffxiv, you are only allowed to launch 2 clients at a time. But, there is a way to launch 3 or more. It it a little complicated, so please follow these instructions exactly.

1. Grab Proc Explorer from Sys Internals from HERE

2. Run FFXIV and login to the game

3. Alt-Tab back to proc explorer. Find the FFXIV process and right click for Properties.

4. Copy the command line.

5. On your desktop or wherever, make a new shortcut. For the launch string, paste the command line you copied earlier.

6. Save and enjoy.


This shortcut will remain valid for quite a while (several days when I tested it).

This will allow you to run 3+ clients, which is really great for botting. You can grab the FFXIV Bot from a site like and use it to bot a full party together. Pretty neat no? Check them out.

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