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Diablo 3 Beta – Nude Run Through (funny)

Every once in a long while, you come across a video that just screams share me. This one is hilarious, and entertaining while at the same time offering a different approach at defeating the diablo 3 beta.

In this video, 4 female barbarians (all nude of course) make their way through the diablo 3 beta. They are not allowed to pick up any armor and can only use the starter weapon.

I find this a refreshing, since it adds quite a bit more of a challenge and skill to make it to the end. In some other videos, I have seen the Skeleton King 3 shotted because of advanced gear and weapons used. Here, you can see the Skeleton King one shotting the barbarians. This brings back in my opinion what the game is supposed to be all about.

Having fun.

Also as a nice added bonus, the commentary is quite funny and entertaining. So stay a while and listen.


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