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Diablo 3 Beta – Demon Hunter Full Walkthrough


And we are back with the Full walkthrough series showing off all 5 of the character classes that are available in the diablo 3 beta.

In this episode of the diablo 3 beta walkthrough, we are going to show off the Demon Hunter.

This is the ranged hunter class of the game. Using bows, crossbows, and other ranged weapons.

The interesting thing about this class is it has a dual resource instead of just mana, etc, he has hate gain and discipline. And likewise, his abilities are tied to generating hate and/or dicipline.

His starting ability is hungering arrow. It is an ofensive spell, that has a chance to go through an enemy and keep going. His dicipline spell is called caltrops. This is a type of snare trap.

As far as your mana pool (again hate/dicipline) hate regenerates very fast, while dicipline is very slow.

As for item drops that the diablo 3 mainly consists of blue or magic common items. However, very rarely when you kill the final boss mob (the skeleton king) you have a chance to receive a rare item. In this video I show off one that was found in the last series (the barbarian walkthrough). It is the Chained Killer belt that is classified as Rare. It is a yellow item. It Regenerates .4 life per second, +3 attack, +5 vitality, and increases the base experience per kill by +1. Not too bad.

Right now, the thought, is that you can only get a chance for a rare is the very first time a boss mob is killed, so you cannot farm over and over with the same character and hope to get one. You will have to start a new character for a chance. And as of this writing, there are only about 40 rare items even possible to get.

My thoughts are the Demon Hunter is quite stronger and faster at taking down mobs than the barbarian during the d3 beta. Keep in mind that the diablo 3 beta is very limited, so the classes will change drastically as different fights/battles are encountered later on in the game. The only draw back is that the DH class is not quite as capable of taking damage (since it is a ranged class), but the beta mobs are so weak, the DH just flys through them all.

Another weakness is that most of the attacks are designed for one mob at a time (some explode or effect multiple mobs) but for the most part it is a 1 on 1 class. While the barbarian could take on hordes and hordes of mobs all at once. Now the Demon hunter can too just from a ranged point of view. He can take them down before the swarms hit him.

Again, we do not show off much diablo 3 cheats and diablo 3 guides, but they are coming. Just keep checking back or view some of the links over on the left.