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Diablo 3 – New areas after beta (exploited)

As some of you are aware there are new areas that were leaked in the patch 13 of the beta so you could get past the locked gate in the cemetery.

These new areas are the Fields of Misery, Downed Temple, and Festering woods.

Here is a live stream that was recorded showing off the AWESOMENESS of the new content. Things like new vendors, dyes, new dungeons, and so much more. Mobs have new affixes like Molten, Jailer, Waller, and Vortex. Also the sheer number of mobs has increased, so that you are not just fighting 2-3 mobs anymore in the new areas, but 6-10+.

Just a few highlights.. Dyes – showing off how they work, new areas, new rare/elite mobs, new affixes, new weapons/armor.

This exploit has since been fixed, so that you cannot access this forbidden content anymore but this video is here to show you what you missed out on, and just how great this game is going to be.

I hope you enjoy. Please comment if you want to see other d3 videos.
Watch live video from noxicek on TwitchTV

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