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FFXI – Final Fantaxy XI

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Where can I find FFXI Guide?

Question by Angella: Where can I find FFXI Guide?
Where can I find detailed FFXI Guide? Especially for rookies.

Best answer:

Answer by James


Now, if you want the pay guides (which are quite a bit better), you can get these:

TaultUnleashed for guides, exploits, or hacks, or MMOViper for bots, farming, harvesting, etc.

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MMOViper Bot – Final Fantasy XI ( FFXI ) Radar

MMOViper does it yet again, with their latest release of a FFXI Final Fantasy XI Bot and Radar. You see, MMOViper is the latest and greatest bot on the underground playground. Currently WarHammer, Vanguard, Lord of the Rings Online, Final Fantasy XI, EverQuest 2 and Age Of Conan are supported. This bot has so many features, you really need to visit their site for more details, but just to name a few, you can cusomize how it fights, what it fights, where it fights, and more. You can harvest, loot, and rest all in one bot. This video is showing off the radar features, so you can easily see where mobs and harvest locations are quickly onscreen. Visit MMOViper for more information.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Best site to sell wow gold, ffxi gil, eq plat, eq2 plat and l2 adena?

Question by rich: Best site to sell wow gold, ffxi gil, eq plat, eq2 plat and l2 adena?
Can you recommend a good site where I can sell wow gold, ffxi gil, eq plat, eq2 plat and l2 adena?

Best answer:

Answer by Jesse
I get asked this sooo many times you would not beleive it. If you want to buy game gold, or wow gold or ffxi gil, or l2 adena, or eq2 plat or what ever. There is only one place to do that, and that is IGE. They are safe, secure, and known. They have been around for years. I have personally made several transactions with them, and can tell you that they know their business. They guarantee the transaction, and you will not get scammed. There are a TON of sites out there that take your money and vanish. With places like that you have no recorse when things go bad. So stay away from them. Besides IGE is cheap. They have the best prices around. If you find it cheaper, beware! So buy all of your wow gold, eq2 plat, ffxi gil and l2 adena from them.

If you do find a better source, please let me know in the comments.