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ArcheAge: Crafting & RNG

ArcheAge: Crafting & RNG

Crafting is very RNG based, so if you want the best gear get ready to grind! Force Strategy Gaming:…
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Learn about crafting in ArcheAge as well as the Random Gods element (RNG). Crafting will provide the best gear in the game, so much so, that its not really worth trying to find/buy items from NPCs in game. Just be warned however, it will take you some time and a bit of luck to get the top most gear.

Some of these items you will be building say at level 20, then 24, then 30, 40, 50, etc. So you can see if you mess up early on, you ruin your chances for sucess down the line. Watch the video to get full details on what I am talking about.


30 comments to ArcheAge: Crafting & RNG

  • NoL Chefo

    People expect fairness in a Free-to-Play Korean MMO. Adorable.

  • djvapid

    Not particularly thrilled with the RNG of stats. That’s just fucking
    stupid. You want to give me a random chance to craft rare item? Fine,
    I’ll take that. But not having any control over the stats? That doesn’t
    even make any sense. 

  • fatjack2b

    I don’t think the fact that crafted gear is better than looted gear is a
    good thing. Sure, in games like Wow, where you basically craft them to burn
    them, that’s not that great either, but looted gear should always be better
    than crafted gear.

  • TheDeadlySun

    They should make it to where if you are a higher level in a certain craft
    you have a better chance to crit on crafting

  • Shato Nyruami

    Well, I liked Archage so far from the videos I´ve seen, but knowing about
    this ends my interest in the game. I´m absolutely with you when you say the
    best gear in game should be hard to obtain, but giving the player an
    extremely low chance to craft it doesn´t make it hard to obtain, it just
    makes the owners lucky.

    In fact it also isn´t hard to obtain the slot machine jackpot in Vegas,
    there are persons who made it on their first coin, and there are others,
    actually millions of others who never made it.

    This system is ok for a gambler, but not for an MMORPG, in my opinion they
    should have done it differently, same effort should always yield same
    reward. With this system that isn´t the case as there WILL be players
    having the best pieces after only a few tries, whilst there of course will
    also be the other ones, crafting their asses off and maybe never get the
    desired result, at least not before leaving the game for good.

  • JayDub

    Can’t you also just get the gear through the auction house with currency
    you’ve earned through other areas of the game?

  • Anonymous247n

    I’d rather “grind” dungeons for endgame gear, which isn’t really grinding
    anymore ’cause you need organization. Or better yet, “grind” honor in PVP
    which again isn’t grinding anymore cause PVP is serious business. Not
    gather crafting materials…
    Not a good concept, not at all.

  • ChryI

    And here I thought no company would ever be dense enough to implement
    something that’s up to par with the Hot Heart of Magic. Talk about terrible
    item acquisition design. May RNGesus have mercy on your souls.

  • TheIceTea53

    or you can just use a regrade scroll?

  • Cudachal

    Yeah, i got super lucky and bought a heroic (yellow) scepter for like 3
    gold that has better magic dmg than the two handed staff i was using at the
    time, and since i had a free hand i found out that it also has better melee
    dmg than the sword i crafted to go with it

  • Serithwashere

    What can you do with gear that has stats no one really uses? 

  • twistedmezelf

    Ow wauw, an MMO about grinding. Mind blowing!!! never seen! didnt expect
    this at all!!!
    Isn’t this system just a gigantic boost to the player to player economy? An
    item your carracter can’t use doesn’t mean its a waste of grind right? This
    game seems to be more about player interaction so go to town and sell that
    useless purple epic thing.

  • yukowl

    When you first craft it starts green, second one could go blue…. but if
    it doesnt go blue on the second craft is it possible to happen on number
    3/4/5 ect. Or have you missed your chance?

  • Keegan Dasitmane

    Salvage reforges can let you get three “evenstoned” items and reforge into
    another sealed item. The making of the forge to do it is the most expensive

  • Aniket Mondal

    I like this RNG grind thing hats going on. It just means that the people
    who work harder are rewarded better. 

  • The best

    thanks for another good guide, keep up the good work bro !

  • Greg Johnson

    Sounds like a really stupid crafting system. With this system there’s no
    guarantee you’ll get what you want. You could be grinding for this gear for
    months or even years. It’s almost as bad as the ‘treasure chests’ in F2P
    stores where you have a very small chance to get some random legendary

  • Jordan Barros

    It’s all fun and good. I just consider the labor points for crafting crazy!
    I mean 100 lp for a new piece and then you need to craft like 100 of those
    to get something decent. Wtf!

  • Sadows12

    I really don’t want to spend all of my time crafting just to get things I
    can’t even use because of those random stats…….. Hey there RNG ready to
    bend me over and fuck me in the ass in yet another MMO?

  • Syiler

    Woops, forgot to mention the Halycona Neck, at the start of Haly War time
    you will be able to head to the PvP base (Marked with a crystal on the map)
    and if you have the quest which can be gotten from any PvP npc in major
    cities you will be able to obtain a Warriors Medal, the next step is to
    attempt to destroy the enemy teams crystal to get even more Medals. Once
    you have 10 total you can craft a neck in the zone. This neck has 10 stages
    and requires medals for each stage, whether the neck gets upgraded to the
    next stage or not is also RNG but the final stage will give you an
    incredibly powerful neck! 

  • Syiler

    A lot of information complied into one video to avoid ArcheAge Video spam
    for my WoW only viewers. All the information is relevant to each other at

  • dark3rthanshadows

    could you make a video to help people to get money to buy apex as a free
    user? cause fishing gives money but for free players is quite imposible get
    400k this way

  • Oran1

    Great video 😀 also nice to see more people trying Acheage out as it does
    have some fun stuff to do in game :)

  • joe bob

    k so i crafted the first sword, then went to craft the second one, but it
    wants a basic apprentice sword when i just made a grand apprentice sword,
    please help do i make this basic one some how? or find it? cant find it
    in the AH, this is block in the crafting progression is really pissing me
    off. thanks for the help

  • alex zannettou

    Great guide Thank you

  • André Silveira

    Great video!! just have one question can item get destroyed before getting
    to celestia, for example regrading a faded loyalty greataxe from arcane to

  • bybumzen

    You are better off with the honor point weapon enchant than with your silly
    Good guide tho’. learned alot about crafting which i need to get started
    on.. !

  • Szi-Ezi

    Around like 18:45 you did comparisons and found them all to be kinda
    crappy. You were comparing whites vs heroic dungeon gear. Is the crafted
    gear really barely as good as the dungeon gear or am I missing something?

  • mbrown121500

    Besides the Auction house, where can you get the regrade scrolls? 

  • SamKos123

    I knew i could count on you!

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