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D3 – Exploit – Hydra Heal

If you play a wizard, you may not be aware of how easy it is to play inferno once you use all of the “hidden” features – read as diablo 3 exploit.

When you cast a new venom hydra (killing the old hydra) it counts as a 3 kills.. one for each head. But you may not be aware, that it counts as a life on kill. So if you have say 1500 life on kill, when you spam that new hydra you just healed yourself for 4500.. not bad for only 15 mana points! ANd you can spam it.. so in a matter of seconds you can literally be full health.

Combine that with things like mana regen, or lowered spell costs, etc it becomes a necessary item currently in inferno to resume.

The alternative however limited is to stack life on globe (for you other classes).. but its not as good since you cant spam it whenever you like.

So, to summarize.. stack life on kill, spam hydra, get healed x3.

Here is a video showing off even more wizard d3 exploits/diablo 3 tricks that I use, including kiting, my build, and more.

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