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Neverwinter Bot – NWO Bot/NW Bot

Botting has been around for years. And the Viper team just keep bringing it!!!

They have released yet another great bot for the game neverwinter.

This bot is a standard fighting/hunting/patrolling bot. It will fight, rest/heal as needed, and then loot. Its a great way to grind in neverwinter without paying for neverwinter powerleveling services. Just run the bot. You setup where and what you want to fight. They have a rather advanced option system so you can get the bot fighting exactly like you play. This is nice, because it allows for all of the nuances that come with playing a mmorpg. Fine tuning is what makes a great bot from a poor one.

Here is a video of it in action:

You can see how it all works. And even better is it works all silently in the background. Thats right, you watch movies or sleep while its grinding away at XP and gold and items. You wake up several levels ahead and money to spend on shinies!

Dont want a full bot.. they also have a full radar showing off PVP enemies, loot you might have missed, those hard and rare monsters hiding around corners you cant see.

Here is the neverwinter radar hack:

Neverwinter Bot

When you are ready for more.. go check them out:

Purchase Link Clicky –>Neverwinter Bot Purchase Page <–

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is there mmorpg games or on the web shooters that are Not possible to hack?

Question by mr smith: Are there mmorpg games or FPS shooters that are not hackable?
I love video games and have played them for years. But I want to know if there are any games that are not hackable. I am tired of getting my a## kicked by people using hacking apps and exploits like those found at TaultUnleashed. The last game I played was Guild Wars 2 and you could see people teleporting, even in front of GM’s, players, etc. It is getting out of control.

Greatest solution:

Answer by XUnleashed
The quick answer is – No. At one point, Diablo 3 claimed to be hack free, but in recent months, you can find fully automated bots, teleporting hacks, and even auction house exploits that let you buy things from the AH at way below the listing price. (Link to exploit)

Some other games like GW2 are running rampant. Here you will see teleporting harvesting, fully automated grinding bots, and even speed hacking. (Link to exploits)

To answer again, no there is no game out there that does not have hacking going on. If you want to play a game without hacks, find a nice friendly single player (offline) game and enjoy it. Maybe skyrim. But even in Skyrim, you can download a list of hacks, cheats, and so much more. But at least you play alone and if you decide to hack, its all on you.

Some game companies coming out promise that the new games like Blizzard’s new Titan will not have any cheating going on. Since Titan is still months away, only time will tell.

What do you feel? Response beneath!

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[Tera HD] Guidebook to Archers

[Tera HD] Guide to Archers

Leveling your TERA Archer can be as swift as an arrow if you know how to use this mobile and highly versatile class for fast soloing and grouping.

TERA Archer Solo Leveling

TERA Archers were bred for long distance attacks. They make great solo characters, but you must learn how to fight them at a distance and then pack on multiple shots before the mob gets to your character.

This class is ideal for having a starting advantage. They have some powerful attacks that can be charged and yield a significant amount of damage, and then fill the time with instant shots, while your big spells are on cooldown.

Dont let the enemy get close to you. You can use a tera teleporter exploit, or a tera speed hack to keep out of the range of attacking mobs. These can be found over at the TaultUnleashed  Tera Exploits site.

Without those kinds of hacks, try to keep your archer as far away from the attacking mob as possible. This will include evasive spells, backstep, etc. You can also drop a trap, and then use backstep, etc to avoid getting hit.

TERA Archer Group Leveling

While grouping as an archer, you are basically a wizard style class (from other mmorpg games) dealing ranged dps. Just pick your highest dps rotation, and keep rotating. With a good tank protecting the archer, you can hold a fairly constant dps with can turn the tide in some of the BAM fights.
For those that do not want to level up slowly and would rather just have a tera bot do all of the fighting, leveling, looting, for you. You should grab the tera bot over at mmoviper. It will hunt for hours on end while you watch, or take a nap, or actually go outside and see the world. The mmoviper tera bot is fully customizable so that you can specify what types of monsters you want to fight, and what spell rotation you want to use. I hope you go take a look at it.

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FFXIV ARR – Phase 2 Review

This is a review of Final Fantasy XIV: A realm Reborn. No, I am not a “SE can do no wrong” fanboy. There are some problems with this game and I’m not going to make excuses for what doesn’t work, but it’s just as important for SE to know what things did work as well as what didn’t. Let me preface by saying my opinions are colored by a couple different factors that may or not be the same as your experience:

I played a CNJ to 25
I played Leatherworking and Carpentry to around 10 (give or take)
I played Botanist to 5
I played the DoW classes a little but not enough to really get a grasp on them
I’ve played:
FFXI for 1 1/2 years (first MMO)
FFXIV: launch to close
WoW for 5-6 years (primarily as a mage but priest and tanks as well)
Tera, FFXIV, Hellgate:London, Rift for a few weeks
Warhammer, SW:TOR, Guild Wars 2 betas

So if the above makes you feel that my opinion is stupid and/or worthless, please be sure to tell me so. Bumps are always welcome. Without further ado, here’s my opinion on what I thought worked really, really well and could PROBABLY be successful if left alone all the way until launch.

FFXIV Bots and hacks are live and well. Check them out over at They have FFXIV A realm reborn bot including ffxiv teleporting and ffxiv speedhacking. The bot includes a full radar, harvesting, teleporting, speedhacking, and general grinding.

FATEs are easy to see, easy to join, and give a solid XP bonus to its participants. As a CNJ, I had an absolutely horrible time at first just trying to get any damage off at all. Eventually, I found that casting Aero once on whatever I could and healing anybody who was a sliver under full HP would usually give me the gold. One of the things I don’t like about the FATE system in other games is that sometimes they just tried to make them too complicated. In other games, there is just way too much emphasis on this system. Developers often try to throw in several different phases, special gear, and all this other stuff in the hopes that they can force people to dedicate a large part of their experience to this. The problem is that the system just isn’t that exciting. it never has been, in any game I’ve ever played. Zerg swarming an area can feel epic, but it’s not really strategic. It also breaks down quick if not enough people are around to do it.

In contrast, this game takes a very minimalist approach to the FATE system. You get in if it’s nearby, you fight, you get out and go about your day. The only reward is XP and gil, which is great, because then if you end up not getting the gold medal you don’t necessarily feel like you wasted your time. You can just shrug your shoulders and move on. I did have one experience where there was nobody at a FATE but just me. So I just didn’t do it. Easy. There was no gimmicky obligation to, no earth-shattering realm-spanning consequence for letting a FATE go unfinished, and no wasted development time being thrown away for a system that has never been anything more than a gimmick in the first place. Since the whole FATE system is relatively short and simple, its just not a huge time investment or a huge part of the game. It’s just a small little bonus that strives to enhance, rather than replace, the rest of the leveling experience. I think it works perfectly the way it is.

This is one of those little things that so many games manage to get wrong, but FFXIV does it (mostly) right. The highlight of this system, for me, was the aethernet system. I had no idea this system existed before I started beta and I was just blown away. It was easy to use and just such a good idea for city travel. The teleport and chocobo porter systems are great. The price is appropriate, and I never felt like it was too difficult to get from one hub to the next. Having the option to hop off the bird in the porter system is wonderful and makes the porter system more interesting. But the teleport system gets you to your location instantly which is a benefit too. Then on top of that there is the traditional chocobo system which is nice but to be honest feels a bit redundant.

One improvement that I would like to see though is a more extensive porter system and less extensive teleport system. If porters only go to areas that are already easily reachable by a teleport, why bother having both systems? And although teleporting is instant and thus more efficient, the porter system really makes me feel connected to the game world in a way that the teleport system doesn’t.

In-game Hint System
Not much to say here but the system works really well. It seemed to pop up every time something new happened and was especially helpful at times.

This is one of those things that a lot of games just get wrong. As you can tell from my experience, I am partial to and a big fan of WoW’s approach to movement. The character should feel like an extension of my will, and FFXIV doesn’t fail in this aspect. Movement is crisp and there are few collision problems with the rest of the world. Jumping is fun. I had a lot of fun with certain aspects of the map, like climbing up a giant root to get to another area of the map.

Although I wish that every zone could be linked together and all the invisible walls could be removed, I understand that this is probably beyond the possibility of the PS3. Just so long as the invisible walls apply only to the edges of the zones and not the interiors, I can be happy as it is. Gamepad control was equally fluid and fun. I am a mouse and keyboard person myself but I had no problems with the gamepad.

All I can say is: wow. The system here is top-notch and in my opinion better than any other MMO I’ve played. With a couple reset key bindings, I made tab target enemies and shift-tab target allies. It was easy. It targeted closer people first and generally went left to right so it became easy to predict how many times I would have to tab in order to target what I wanted to target. But on top of that I found clicking to be really easy as well. In FATEs, it’s easy to see who is not a full health because theirs is the only health bar that shows up. And also the health bar is clickable. It was so easy to click on one low-hp person among a sea of people in a FATE zone and heal exactly who I wanted to heal.

And then there is the mob side bar, this absolute pinnacle of group targeting. Mobs that are currently aggroed to you will have a bar to the left-hand side of the screen and given a letter of A through Z, and not only can you see their health, you can see their current threat toward you. AND it is clickable. This little gem here just absolutely reinforces my confidence that group play will be substantially superior in this game. The sheer ease of it, its efficiency, even its placement on the UI so that a healer can easily go back and forth between healing and dpsing without having to move their eyes too much. Whoever developed this system should get a medal as far as I am concerned. It is superior to anything I have ever seen. I could go on and on gushing about this but I’ll just leave it here. It is awesome and that is that.

My only complaint is that the targeting with the gamepad is just not up to par. But really, I don’t think a gamepad can ever compare to mouse and keyboard. I did use my gamepad here and there throughout the beta and although the movement was fine, targeting just couldn’t compare and I don’t think it will ever be possible for it to be any other way.

Combat (some of it) (and obviously this section is biased toward CNJ)
There are a lot of things that combat does right. For one thing, it’s comforting to see that my spells were not just carbon copies of each other with a different color. Every spell seemed to have a lot of though put into it with a different idea on what each should do. Unfortunately, the THM class wasn’t available so I didn’t get to see what a true damage caster’s spell list will look like, but I am very satisfied with the options that were given to a healer class. The initial spells I were given are a step in the right direction, but I think there is more work to be done here.

For starters, I never ran out of mana once, even after constant dpsing and healing for an hour straight. It got to the point where I felt like I could just spam Medica (aoe heal) and not even bother having to target people since I just never ran out of mana. Only being able to cast this spell on myself also limited my movement and position in battle. I should be able to cast this on somebody else in the party and let the AoE effect be centered around them. As a ranged class, I shouldn’t feel forced to be that close to melee combat for my standard healing abilities. Also, the variety of heals isn’t efficient. Cure is sufficient for a slow, big heal but there should be a spell that can heal a lot more quickly but also drain mana much more rapidly. That should add a lot more to the skill required to be a good healer and fix the infinite mana issue I seemed to have.

The passive traits I saw were also EXTREMELY boring. “Gain +2 MND” is not an acceptable passive trait. That’s hardly even a trait. You might as well just make it so I gain that +2 normally through leveling up and make the passive trait something actually interesting. overall though the combat felt fluid and although I think it COULD work if launched as it is, it would be in SE’s best interest to polish this up a lot before release.

Lore/Questing/Leveling/Hunting Log
It hardly needs to be said but Square Enix really knows how to tell a story. I wish I could have seen the cutscenes but I really liked the way we had to build ourselves up from nothing to start being seen as useful in the eyes of the untrusting Gridanians.

The quest objectives are standard fare but I don’t know what exactly people expect from a MMO. If you played WoW for several years then you’ll feel at home with this questing system. It is basically the same thing with more lore added on to it.

There are lots of choices for leveling and questing is only one of them. And one character can do every job, so rest assured that there will be plenty of grinding once you’ve finished every quest. The hunter log helps with this and is a really good idea, but it isn’t really sufficient enough to cover the XP lost from not being able to do quests any more. With questing, the hunting log and guildleves combined I only managed to hit lvl 14 before I completely ran out of things to do. I was just 1 level short of being able to do a dungeon so I had to solo grind. More on that below. Of course I understand that we are only in one small area and that there will be more quest hubs in the full game, but for those of us with aspirations to try and level up every job I just want to emphasize that I hope we will always have something to do.

Group Grinding
If there’s one thing that motivated me to make this post, it was the threads on how “grinding is worthless” and “group grinding is worthless.” Did you people even TRY to grind in a group? Or maybe you were playing a different game? My experience with group grinding was completely different from yours. I ran out of quests at 14 and had my guildleves on cooldown. So I started to grind solo and it was pretty rough. Then I came across a group of 2 and we joined up. Things got easier. We added more and more. Soon we had a group of about 6-7 people that was going through the East Shroud (near the imperial base, lvl 19-20 mobs) tearing through everything we saw. Mobs respawned quickly so we never ran out of things to pull. We were getting chain bonuses up to 10 and the EXP was pouring in. In an hour and a half, I went from 14 to 17. It reminded me a lot of FFXI grinding except that we were moving instead of staying put.

So for those of you saying that group grinding is worthless, please, please, shut up. You are wrong. You either didn’t try it or didn’t try to do it correctly. That’s all there is to it. My only complaint was that sometimes it felt a little TOO easy to just pull a huge number of mobs into a huge group and DPS them all down. I did do my share of dying though. As the only healer I occasionally had mobs that the tank hadn’t touched yet go directly to me. He was a good tank though and it didn’t take long to figure out a good system that kept me alive.

FFXIV Exploits can be seen if you know where/how to look. Since has a fully working teleport and speedhack exploit for ffxiv arr, its easily obtainable and downloaded. Not many people were using, but when you see somebody leveling from 0-30 overnight, you know they were using the ffxiv exploits found at

TL;DR: At least read the group grinding section, lazy person. And read this conclusion.

These are all the things I thought were done really well or only needed a little bit of touch-up. There are plenty of posts here covering things that didn’t work nearly as well like dungeon difficulty, latency, guildleves or the value of crafting items. My post intentionally didn’t really cover these things. Suffice to say that they can really use some work. Combat too, despite my praise for it, can use balancing and overall more abilities with more variety.

Thanks for reading.

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GW2 – Exploit – Splendid Chest lootable anytime even in overflow

Wow, here is a splendid level 50+ chest that drops blue/green items.

What is best of all, you dont have to kill anything to loot it. Thats right, its open to the world. Even in overflow zones, so you can really farm this and get easy gold/items.

Here is a pic of it:

Location Harathi highland (35-45 lvl)

Its supposed to be part of the Group event:  Defeat Ulgoth the Modniir, but you dont have to kill him to loot it!!!

So to summarize:  Usually you have to kill a boss to get a chest like this. But this one spawns before/after the event and you loot it.

Be sure to load up the game and grab it from the overflow, too.. easy farming..  Usually there are several overflow zones going on, so you can log out over and over and usually grab this one pretty fast.


Hurry up, this wont last long. GW2 exploits like this are fixed ASAP!!!

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GW2 – Exploit – Unlimited GOLD

Currently there is a gw2 exploit that will let you turn karma into gold and then into gems!!!

Here is a picture of it in action

GW2 gold Exploit

The basics of the gw2 exploit is as follows:

42karma buys you 25 chili peppers and 25 cheese wedges

You use those to make 25 poppers and sell them for 10c, so 250c/42 karma or 6c/karma.

So you now have more karma to repeat the process.

Please post in the comments about this new gw2 exploit. And keep following for more gw2 bot, gw2 gold, gw2 farming, etc.


We try to have it all.. Hurry, cuz this exploit will not last long!!!

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Diablo 3 Exploit – Barbarian Almost GOD mode Perma-Stun

So we are back again with yet another d3 exploit. Brought to you BEFORE it is nerfed. So try it out while you can, because d3 exploits like this will not last long.

This exploit talks about how you can get a barbarian to stun a mob for 2.5 seconds…. FOREVER. Yes that is right, it keeps stunning the mob over and over basically rendering it impotent.

Rather than give you step by step this time, we are going to give you a video showing you exactly how to reproduce it, and how you can use it for your own benefit.

Remember, we here at xunleashed, bring you all the latest diablo 3 exploits BEFORE they are fixed.

As promised, here is the video showing the exploit off.

If you have any problems or questions, please post them in the comments box below.

And remember, check back often for more!


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Diablo 3 Exploit – Invulnerable GOD mode Wizard

Thats right, as of this posting you can become invulnerable to ALL damage for the entire game. Only works for wizzies at the moment.

And of course, we bring it to you first.. this will be posted EVERYWHERE soon, but remember you saw it here first. AND BEFORE IT WAS FIXED!!!

Here is how it works:

Step 1: Select Teleport – Fracture. Bind it to a key
Step 2: Select Archon, tested with Improved Archon
Step 3: Hover your mouse over or near your charcter
Step 4: Press Teleport
Step 5: QUICKLY(!) Press Archon

Your char is now invulnerable.. you have activated GOD MODE. Yes it works.

NOTE: If you teleport again, it will remove GOD MODE. So do not teleport again.


It wont last long, so hurry up and grab all of those achievements while you can.

Since nothing can hurt you, you can play the entire act 1-4 killing EVERY elite, rare, etc and take no damage. Even if the enrage timer starts, you still do not get hurt.

Again, this wont last long, and it will be fixed very soon. But as always we bring you these latest exploits and bugs BEFORE they are fixed, so you can test them out just like the PROS!

If you enjoyed this diablo 3 exploit, please post in the comments below.

PS this works in softcore AND hardcore!!!!

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Diablo 3 Exploit – Sledge of Athskeleng

As always, XU here bringing you the latest and greatest exploits (before they are nerfed).

The latest is the Sledge of Athskeleng – legendary item. If you drop a few of these down on the ground, mobs cannot pass them. Its like an invisible wall and they are stuck.

What good is it? Well as you can see from this video, they are trapped on one side, and you can simply attack them and get awesom loot. It lets you farm areas that are way above you in terms of difficulty so you get better loot.

Here is a video showing off how it works. And yes it works with the latest 1.0.3 patch.

Right now these are cheap cheap cheap on the AH, so get them while they are hot.

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D3 – Free Inferno Loot

No this is not a gimmic, its for REAL! Free inferno level loot given away EVERY DAY. How do you get it? Its simple.. find live streams (posted to the d3 website) and watch and get free loot.

Here are just a few examples:

Here is how it works… you visit the website, signup and click follow ( you dont have to signup and follow if you dont want too, but this is how you find out when the run is starting)

When the run starts, if you clicked follow, you will get an email letting you know that the run has begun. When loot is found, they pick somebody at random and join their game and they give it away.. Easy PHAT LEWT!

Some of these are inferno pony runs. They run through the zone, killing all of the elites, then they invite 3 others to join in and they loot the clouds.. If you are new to pony land, the clouds are chests, and they usually ALL have atleast 1 magic item. It is not uncommon to get 5-7 rares in one cloud run. The best end game loot is found here in the clouds in pony land.

I hope you enjoyed this exploit/trick. Keep coming back for more, and as always post us a comment or two if you found this useful!