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[Tera HD] Guidebook to Archers

[Tera HD] Guide to Archers

Leveling your TERA Archer can be as swift as an arrow if you know how to use this mobile and highly versatile class for fast soloing and grouping.

TERA Archer Solo Leveling

TERA Archers were bred for long distance attacks. They make great solo characters, but you must learn how to fight them at a distance and then pack on multiple shots before the mob gets to your character.

This class is ideal for having a starting advantage. They have some powerful attacks that can be charged and yield a significant amount of damage, and then fill the time with instant shots, while your big spells are on cooldown.

Dont let the enemy get close to you. You can use a tera teleporter exploit, or a tera speed hack to keep out of the range of attacking mobs. These can be found over at the TaultUnleashed  Tera Exploits site.

Without those kinds of hacks, try to keep your archer as far away from the attacking mob as possible. This will include evasive spells, backstep, etc. You can also drop a trap, and then use backstep, etc to avoid getting hit.

TERA Archer Group Leveling

While grouping as an archer, you are basically a wizard style class (from other mmorpg games) dealing ranged dps. Just pick your highest dps rotation, and keep rotating. With a good tank protecting the archer, you can hold a fairly constant dps with can turn the tide in some of the BAM fights.
For those that do not want to level up slowly and would rather just have a tera bot do all of the fighting, leveling, looting, for you. You should grab the tera bot over at mmoviper. It will hunt for hours on end while you watch, or take a nap, or actually go outside and see the world. The mmoviper tera bot is fully customizable so that you can specify what types of monsters you want to fight, and what spell rotation you want to use. I hope you go take a look at it.

37 comments to [Tera HD] Guidebook to Archers

  • TrantisionerMarin

    In every game I have ever played Archery has been different, up until recent times. Going from being a physical attacker, to a physical attacker that can sometimes use magic, to a purely magic attacker, FFXI rendition of Ranger actually forced you to stand a certain range to do max damage, and did Spiked Damage with long attack delays. This is the only game I ever seen where the archer seems like a clone, Archers are not defaulted skills like Wizards/Mages/tend to be.

  • TrantisionerMarin

    I played Everquest when I was lil and I played WoW and They were not even REMOTELY similar at all, looking or played. What I recall of Rangers in Everquest is that they also could had many skills melee range, didn’t ever make use of traps the used nature magic, had no threat removing abilities, Pet taming was temporary, could transmorph into animals, had high evasion. That’s enough crap to name that already makes them different then the summoneresque hunter of WoW

  • TrantisionerMarin

    Game companies now a days have it easy they can essentially sell the same damn game over again and just modify how the character looks, and set slightly different margins of difficulty and market it like something new when it’s not.
    It just makes me appreciate new releases like Age of Wushu which shows Devs actually took time to actually DEVELOP a NEW game with NEW concepts not JUST NEW GRAPHICS. @the illiterates I NEVER EVEN said TERA (The whole game) was like WoW. Please stay in school.

  • TrantisionerMarin

    I’m not advocating wow or saying wow is better I’m saying this game could have done a better job, Look at the Summoner in this game, it (all tho also stolen from a game that didn’t even come out yet) used a new system of healing where it forces ppl to pick up orbs off the floor. INNOVATING, NEW and Nice right. Then why make an Archery system that’s NOT innovative at all, and damn near a direct clone of a game whose archer is nothing but an amalgamation of 2-3 other classes in the same game?

  • TrantisionerMarin

    I’m surprised I’m still getting replies to this comment. The point of the comment was the class i was talking about lacked ANY INNOVATION AT ALL. It’s very ridiculous how ppl focus on the fact I said wow without reading the whole idea of the statement. Archer’s (the class) has damn limitless ways of being altered. Yet for some reason not only has this game chose to follow a very similar model to an older game but even chose to not even be innovative with the naming of such skills.

  • Simona Todorova


  • Michael Huang

    how you record?

  • Funnie Buzi

    …. you might as well say Tere is a WoW ripped because Tera is an mmorpg 

  • Sandithemage

    You seems to be a retard of some sort…tbh…this skills u talk about…if they are not in the game ppl will say …its not archer…what class is this?!…ranged class – archer, hunter, marksman and so on – are defined by these skills.

  • maximal282

    You can still change them!

    When you learn a glyph, then it`s still not aktive, you have to aktivate it in your skill menu.

    You can learn every glyph in this game. I myself bought every glyph i possible can from the glyph shop next to the trainer in Velkia.

    I believe there are glyphes the npc don`t sells (drop only glyphes). I can`t tell for sure, but i heared about a glyph to not split the damage of fireblast when hitting multiple targets. I could not find it. I am quite new to Tera as you.

  • stancool12

    yea lol ikr anyways thanks bro i see now and i tried it too

  • Saudademaru Envy

    I am also new but to my understanding, simply buying them does not activate them. Once you activate them there is an NPC that says you can change for a fee in case you decide to change later or make a mistake. Not sure how big that fee is, hoping it’s not too big as I’ll be switching a lot back and forth.

  • Trishen Suresh

    I don’t get why everyone is fighting for. Everyone one have different opinion and I respect that. If you like WoW don’t search about Tera in the first place. If you like Tera then you are in the right place..

  • Maximilian Steiner

    Suck my dick, suck my motherfucking dick
    WoW isn´t crap neither tera, wow is for skillers

  • Peat Kortenjan

    how is your bow called?

  • dnangelwhiter

    yes you can

  • stancool12

    what would happen if i accidentally buy the wrong glyph?
    like can i change them somehow or anything? sorry lol im kinda new

  • Skass League

    i love how you put all those UI stuff….i put mine just like that so thank you 😀

  • dara55100

    People say do not overcharge but believe or not, while people do not overcharge to 2 or 3 rd level, by doing that you will have to do more auto attacking, useless skills like web arrow in a boss fight which doesnt do much dmg, rapid fire is a good example, i do not use rapid fire at all. What i am trying to say here is that, the purpose of me overcharging skills is to consume and also a better dmg compared to using rapid fire and auto attk
    until my rain of arrow skill pops back up

  • Remy Lebeau

    looking for romance in an online game huh? thats sad.

  • Octavian Cras

    I’ll never understand who so many guys have a need to hit on a sexy virtual character.

  • Due Decimal

    much appreciated for the guide, probably the best ive ever seen! thank you!

  • Rotiarc

    “I try and hit on a sexy Elf, only to find out it’s some 30 year old dude stroking his man sausage while gaming…” Wouldn’t you be said 30 y/o just on the other side of said scenario?

  • Nattekulde

    If it turns you on to look at a female’s ass in a MMO, then I suggest you play as a female. I prefer to play as male since I’m male in real life and don’t really care if I look at a male’s ass. Besides, while you’re playing, your eyes should be elsewhere than on the ass of your character, perhaps on what’s going on in the game instead. But if people like to look at a female ass in a game and feel aroused by that, then who am I to argue?

  • rs35502

    Slightly offensive but nice, very nice. I give you props on that one.

  • mcnalbren

    Well since most MMO’s are third person, would you rather look at a mans ass or a chicks cheeks while you play? IDK I figure that you mine as well look at something nice if your gonna put that much time in a game ;).

  • 1980sBoy

    I’m just confused as to why avatars are being hit on anyway, Imean its not like you can take a Castanic sorcerer to dinner.

  • 1980sBoy

    MMORPG= Many Morons Ostentatiously Repeating Pathetic Garbage

  • arryhertanto

    Sorc players. I need a pvp tip from you. I’m playing as a lvl 33 sorc now. I’m always losing in a pvp match against archers. Noticed that at my level, my CC skills are just to slow (eg: mindblast and lightning trap) and I always get CCed or knocked down before I could even land my CC skills. Any tips pls? Thanks in advance guys.

  • Calvin Luu

    glyph, 15% chance of resetting

  • ShutUp11121

    8:30 how did u teleport 3 times in a row like that??

  • boredpapertigers

    And females make male characters to keep from being hit on by internet creepers like you.

  • lathikus

    Because the character needs to be an accurate reflection of the person playing it right? Not sure who’s worse, the guy stroking his junk or the guys trying to hit on everyone playing a “sexy” character, probably also stroking their meat.

  • Focusedfelix


  • Focusedfelix

    I see this question pretty often. I don’t know what Domeran uses, most (that I know of) use FRAPS or something similar. FRAPS is free and good but can absolutely destroy your frame rate if you’re comp is relatively powerful.

  • tigerheart911

    only idiots who search for real females on games

  • celphme

    what program did you use to record? also thanks for the nice guide

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