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ArcheAge: Crafting & RNG

ArcheAge: Crafting & RNG

Crafting is very RNG based, so if you want the best gear get ready to grind! Force Strategy Gaming:…
Video Rating: 4 / 5



Learn about crafting in ArcheAge as well as the Random Gods element (RNG). Crafting will provide the best gear in the game, so much so, that its not really worth trying to find/buy items from NPCs in game. Just be warned however, it will take you some time and a bit of luck to get the top most gear.

Some of these items you will be building say at level 20, then 24, then 30, 40, 50, etc. So you can see if you mess up early on, you ruin your chances for sucess down the line. Watch the video to get full details on what I am talking about.


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FFXIV – Launch Multiple Clients (multi-mode)


In ffxiv, you are only allowed to launch 2 clients at a time. But, there is a way to launch 3 or more. It it a little complicated, so please follow these instructions exactly.

1. Grab Proc Explorer from Sys Internals from HERE

2. Run FFXIV and login to the game

3. Alt-Tab back to proc explorer. Find the FFXIV process and right click for Properties.

4. Copy the command line.

5. On your desktop or wherever, make a new shortcut. For the launch string, paste the command line you copied earlier.

6. Save and enjoy.


This shortcut will remain valid for quite a while (several days when I tested it).

This will allow you to run 3+ clients, which is really great for botting. You can grab the FFXIV Bot from a site like and use it to bot a full party together. Pretty neat no? Check them out.

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ArcheAge Hackshileld Bypass Working Download

Archeage, is the latest MMO to hit the gaming scene. While it is a great game, (if you dunno what ArcheAge is, go visit their website).

The biggest problem with the game is the Rootkit Hackshield that comes bundled with the software. Hackshield is designed to deter cheating in the game. But, unless you have been hiding under a rock, you already know that cheating runs rampant in the game.

The other problem with HackShield, is it is known to report false positives and kick you out of the game. This has been happening to me quite a lot. Hackshield does not like my audio drivers, and unless I disable sound, hackshield will eventually boot me out of the game about every 10 minutes.

Fortunately, I was able to find a Hackshield Bypass that will completely disable Hackshield in ArcheAge while it is running.

Now this is really great. Not only can I enjoy playing the game without Hackshield, I can play with out the constant interruptions of having the game close and log back in.

If you want to see more about the bypass, please go here: ArcheAge Hackshield Bypass

Please respect the authors of this software. While it does disable hackshield so I can play, do not use it to further cheat in the game. Yes it may allow you to load up your favorite hack, cheatengine, or other software to see what is going inside the game, it is not meant for that purpose.

Please post below your thoughts and experiences with this Hackshield Bypass.

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ArcheAge Daily Quests for Guida Guide

ArcheAge Daily QuestsI am in desperate need of Guida, so I have been doing as many daily quests as I can find. I found this list that seems to have just about all of them. Feel free to enhance this list and keep it growing.

I assume many new people will hit 50 this weekend and want to start stockpiling Gilda Stars, so with out further ado:

Dailies reset at 5PST/8EST.

Blue Salt East: Each give 1x Gilda Star. – Available from Blue Salt Wanderer and Animal Trainer in Caernord (Ynystere), Lutesong Harbor (Vilanelle), or Austera (Solis).

Raising a Malfunctioning Leomorph – Raise Leomorph.

Raising a Wild Snowlion – Raise glorious Snowlion.

A Rare Perfume – 30 ground grain, chopped produce, dried flowers or ground spices.

Guerilla Marketing – Must complete “A Rare Perfume.” Place vases around Tigerspine Mountains.

Signs of the Salphira Cult – Collect 12 Hellhound leashes outside of Palace Cellar.

Blue Salt West: Each give 1x Gilda Star. – Available from Blue Salt Wanderer and Animal Trainer in Seachild Wharf (Cinderstone), Ezna (Two Crowns) or Marianople.

Raising a Wild Elk – Raise inferior western wildlife.

Raiding a Wild Horse – Raise horse.

Roadsend in Danger – Collect 8 gunpowder around Roadsend Guardpost.

A Rare Perfume – 30 ground grain, chopped produce, dried flowers or ground spices.

Guerilla Marketing – Must complete “A Rare Perfume.” Place vases.

Others: Arena gives 1x Gilda Star. The dungeons give 3x Gilda Stars. Dungeon quests picked up outside dungeons.

Blood, Sweat and Training – Kill opponent in Arena. Get from Gladiator Arena Manager in Solis or Ynystere.

To the Arena! West | East – Bring packs to trebuchet before event ends. (approximately 00:00-04:00 in game time.) Pack should spawn close to quest giver.

There is another time based one that needs to be put here. I can’t find the name of it at the moment since the servers are down, but it is grabbed off a Blue Salt board and is only available from 20:00-23:00? Any info would be much appreciated.

Kill Akmit with a Mentee EAST – Finish PC with a Mentee (18-29) that has Kill Akmite With A Mentor (30-50).

Kill Okape with a Mentee WEST – Finish Sharpwind Mines with a Mentee (18-29) that has Kill Okape with a Mentor.

Kill Marmas with a Mentee – Finish Hadir Farm with a Mentee (31-39) that has Kill Marmas With A Mentor (40-55).

Kill Hieronimus with a Mentee – Finish Burnt Castle with a Mentee (31-39) that has Kill Hieronimus with a Mentor.

The Prophecy  Auroria quest/world bosses? More info would still be great.

Cooking: Each gives 1x Gilda Star. Requires 15x Cultivated Ginseng, 50x Rice, 25x Garlic.

Hearty Meal – Requires 5x Raw Chicken Meat in addition to above ingredients.

Premium Hearty Meal – Requires 5x Raw Duck Meat in addition to above ingredients.

Rare Hearty Meal – Requires 5x Raw Goose Meat in addition to above ingredients.

For the average person, 12 Gilda stars per day should be quite easy. The Blue Salt dailes, PvP daily and PC/HF (East) or SM/BC (West) dailies are easy to complete even for sub-50 character.

Hopefully this post helps a few people. If I have missed anything or there is any incorrect information please message me or post here. Many fish sticks were burnt during the editing of this post.


PS, still not satisfied? Want more guides and maybe some exploits to make your life easier in ArcheAge? Head over to ArcheAge Guides for more.

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TESO Beta Key giveaway – Elder Scrolls Online beta keys here

eso beta key
Grab your TESO beta keys while they last:

Elder Scrolls Beta Key Giveaway – TaultUnleashed

If you have not heard yet, this weekend will be one of the biggest beta events that the TESO ever had. Yep, no NDA! Join in the fun. Stream it, Share it, talk about it!

Keys are going fast, so click above and grab your TESO beta key! Bring a friend!

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FFXIV Speedhack/Teleport and FFXIV Flying

ffxiv flying

Did you know that there is an app out there that you can download right now that will let you ffxiv speedhack and ffxiv fly or even ffxiv teleport! Yep, here is the link for those that don’t want to wait:

Here is the skinny on how it works:

  • FFXIV Needs to be running before you start the hack. Multiple instances of the game are not supported.
  • Tick the ‘enable’ box to activate, untick it to deactivate.
  • Use ‘W’ and ‘S’ to move forwards and backwards, ‘Q’ and ‘E’ to strafe left and right, Up and Down arrows to move up and down
  • It is recommended that you unbind ‘Point camera up’ and ‘Point camera down’ in the game.
  • You can also press F2 to enable the hack and F3 to disable it.
  • These hotkeys only work when the game is focused.
  • Does not work while mounted

Pretty easy!

As you can see in the video, you can easily set your char to run very fast (even while stealth) or fly above people. You can even use it to ffxiv exploit the game by going below ground where the mobs cannot hurt you and fight them.

Grab it and enjoy while it lasts.

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FFXIV Exploit using Packet Injection and WPE (not JSON)


This was sent to me from a anonymous user. Use at your own risk. Posted for entertainment value only.

After about an hour playing around with this, I finally got some results, I have been able to capture the packet which gives you the item and EXP reward when you hand in a repeatable levequest for a crafting class. Please note that this is simply me sharing my findings and may be easily traceable / bannable, I have no knowledge of packets or the dangers of using them, use at your own risk.

1) Install WPE Pro, download this from Google, you may need to disable your anti virus for this to run correctly.
2) In WPE Pro, go to View – Options – Winsock 1.0, untick all boxes apart from Send.
3) Obtain a levequest for a discipline of the hand which requires more than one item to be handed into the NPC so it works with multiple turn ins, for example: “Party Animals”, a level 40 Weaver levequest in Ul’dah that requires Linen Deerstalkers.
4) Gather double the materials to hand in as you will need to complete the same leve again with the additional order.
5) Hand in the leve and when asked if you wish to submit an additional order, click yes.
6) When you are prompted to hand over the additional order’s items, go into WPE Pro, open FFXIV.
7) Press the run button in WPE Pro.
Confirm the hand in of items for the levequest, click through the text until you see the EXP gained.
9) Press the stop button in WPE Pro.
10) You will now have a few send packets in WPE Pro, one of these contains the data to receive your EXP and items, Mine was a 80 size packet which was the second recorded.
11) Right click the packet, click Send.
12) Press the start button when inside the packet to send the packet again (Note that no information has been changed in the packet at this point, any timestamps will be sent).
13) Check FFXIV and see if you gained the EXP and items, if so; congratulations, you have duped your first levequest. If not, try sending the other send packets.

Edit: You can send the packet as many times as you like…but I would be cautious around doing this too quickly or in a crowded area, I have been sitting in Ul’dah sending the packet 5-6 times every 10 minutes so it doesn’t look too obvious.

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Elder Scrolls Online Cheats, Bots, Guides

Elder Scrolls Online Leaked Beta footageYesterday Tault brought you a couple of videos showcasing some of the new Elder Scrolls Online Leaked Beta Footage. Many videos are starting to circulate for the upcoming release Elder Scrolls Online. This game looks to be becoming quite popular very quicky, even in beta. I certainly can understand why. Check out this video showing off a full 45 mins (as of July 26, 2013). Its in full 1080p, and showing quite a bit of the landscape. ESO is trying very hard to keep its NDA going, but judging from the sheer amount of beta leaks that are starting to show up, not everybody is in agreement.

I for one am glad to see some of these new videos. Makes it hard to wait to get accepted to the closed beta. ESO is not scheduled to be released until sometime early 2014, but from this video, it is coming along nicely.

We hope to continue to bring you all things ESO releated including Elder Scrolls Cheats, Guides, Bots, and so much more. I hope that this will be your first stop on a daily basis to keep checking back for the latest happenings.

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Tera Online Collector’s Edition

[wpramazon asin=”B007JDMPOK”]

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gZoom – Guild Wars 2 Multi Hack | Speed | Fly | Gravity | Teleport | Zoom

This has been discontinued by its developer  (*M*), BUT you can grab a updated version called Daylight over at Here is the direct link:


• Autoexplore Waypoints
• Autoexplore Points of interest
• Autoexplore Vistas
• Autoexplorer Works from everywhere in the map

• No Clipping (Walk trough walls)
• Wallwalk (Walk up walls)
• Zoomhack (Min and Max, allows 1st person)
• Take items from trading post (even in the middle of nowhere)
• Deposit and Withdraw gold from EVERYWHERE
• Speedhack (movementspeed)
• Strafespeed (walk faster sidewards)
• Field of View hack
• Flyhack (Up and Down, even mid-air)
• Anti-Death (does not prevent instant death)

• Teleport
• Click to Teleport

• Auto-Updates from Server
• Huge database
• fully customizable Hotkeys
• Custom lists created by users, entirely shareable