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Diablo 3 – Exploits – Fast MF Magic Find Exploit

Welcome back, and thanks for tuning in for more diablo 3 mf brought to you exclusively for

D3 is all about MF. That is magic finding. What keeps diablo 3 fans so intrigued with the game is the idea that every time they kill a boss mob they might find some really good gear to enhance their character. Unfortunately, this is a very time consuming process. Usually to repeat quests you have to restart the entire quest line. Specifically in the skeleton king you have to do several quests before the king before you can open the door leading to him. Starting a new game forces you to repeat all of these pre-quests.

Fortunately, however, we found a way to drastically decrease the time between boss mob kills and thus enhance your diablo 3 MF.

Here is how it works. When you have a quest like killing the Skeleton King, upon his death, the quest is finished, HOWEVER, if you leave the game before the final death animation, you can quickly restart the game and be right at the point before the skeleton king.

This makes it super fast to farm boss mobs (only the skeleton king right now since its beta), but it is nevertheless a great diablo 3 exploit.

If you like this diablo 3 exploit, be sure to always keep checking back for more great diablo 3 cheats and diablo 3 exploits. We want to be your number one source for all things diablo.

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