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Diablo 3 Beta – Witch Doctor Complete walkthrough


And we are back with another installment of the complete walkthrough series of all 5 of the classes available. In this diablo 3 beta walkthrough, we are going to play the witch doctor.

This class is the “summoner” class. Some people liken it to the old necromancer class of days gone by.

The starting spells are Summon Zombie Dogs, and Poison dart. The class has quite a few summon spells (hence the summoner nickname). Since the summon spells do count for quite a bit of the damage that the class can deal and the mana pool replenishes quite fast.

Now the summoner type classes have never been my favorite, but this Witch Doctor class in the diablo 3 beta is quite attractive. I love the different kinds of summons that are available, probably my favorite is the flaming bats where he will summon hundreds of bats and then they fly through a fireplace, become on fire, and head toward you target. The attention to detail is amazing.

It appears from the amount of videos that are starting to show up on the web, that this witch doctor class is fast becoming a class favorite. I think it is just because the class is so unique and different from the standard genera. I mean how many games can you leave frog guts all over the screen?

Overall the witch doctor is quite a versatile class. He includes aoe, snare, crowd control, ranged, passive, etc. Pretty much a little bit of everything in one class.

Something to note, because of the pets, this class is not quite as much of a clickfest as the other classes, since the summoned pets do quite a bit of damage while you sit back and watch.

The class is a little slower than the other classes as far as how fast killing goes, but over all the class in my opinion is by far overpowered. This is quite apparent from the videos.

I hope you have been enjoying these videos. Still to come are videos of the crafting system, diablo 3 cheats, diablo 3 guides, and so much more. Keep watching, still more to come.


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