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WOW Cataclysm Gold Making Secret and WOW Cataclysm Expansion Tips

WOW Cataclysm Gold Making Secret and WOW Cataclysm Expansion Tips

To welcome the specially concerned release of Cataclysm -the third expansion of World of Warcraft, let’s fully prepare for its release by learning cataclysm expansion tips and ways to make gold in Cataclysm.

WOW cataclysm expansion tips

1) Get at least 20 solid members in your guild and recruit new friends
Even smaller guilds can outrank the biggest guilds on the server, just make sure that you have at least 20 hardcore guild members who will consistently play a lot and contribute to your guild experience and help you with your guild power leveling.

The time before an expansion is always the best time to recruit some new friends into the game. As we all know, friends are among the biggest assets you can have in WoW, both for maximizing your effectiveness in game and in maximizing the fun.

2) Max out your professions
Professions in Cataclysm are being made more useful than before. With right preparation, reforging will be an incredibly popular and money making ability that can get you rich.

3) Get Heirloom items for your new Goblin and Worgen alts
Heirloom items will only last until level 80, but that doesn’t mean your new Worgen and Goblin alts shouldn’t be decked out in them. It will be the fastest and easiest way for you to level as a Goblin or Worgen in WoW Cataclysm.

4) Soak in the ‘old world’ as much as possible and practice the old battlegrounds.
We all know that the old Azeroth we have come to love will no longer be around until the release of Cataclysm. To remember its beauty, try to play as much as possible before new expansion arrives.

Though the battlegrounds of Cataclysm will be different with the old one, you should be warned that many guilds will join these battlegrounds together and having strats/coordination/pots and whatever else technique to get an edge over the competition.

5) Get in the WoW Cataclysm Beta and Start Planning
To do this, you will have an opinion in your mind about which items you will go for and what talents you will choose etc. Make sure you know the instances and bosses in WoW Cataclysm by heart so you can share strategies with your pick up group.

6) Take a Break
Sometimes the biggest advantage you can give yourself prior to an expansion is taking a break from the game. Perhaps a little break and spending time away from wow cataclysm will increase your motivation for when the expansion does come out.

7) Cover the basics
Make sure to get everything in place before the expansion, this means: build up enough money so that you can buy all the new stuff you want once the expansion arrives, get that flying mount as it will be more useful than ever, master your proficiencies with all weapons, clear bank space, have your quest log full of completed quests so that when the expansion hits you can get a instant boost.

WOW cataclysm gold making secret

Since Cataclysm don’t release until now, so the guide for making gold in World of Warcraft may not be suitable for Cataclysm any more. However, you still needn’t worry about your Cataclysm gold, coz you meet me here, I’d like to share you a secret way to get Cataclysm gold in no time.

As a wow lover, i also worry about making gold in Cataclysm at first, with this worry, i asked my friends in WGT Online Service -my favorite site to buy safe wow gold from, they told me they can also supply safe Cataclysm gold until its release.

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Read the whole long passage, do you feel confident about the launching of Cataclysm? I am sure you will achieve your goal quickly if you do as i suggested. Have fun.

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