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World of Warcraft Cataclysm vs LoTRO Free To Play

LOTRO Goes Free Vs WoWHow does Free Lord of the Rings Online Compare To World of Warcraft

I have been playing wow for possibly a yr and a half, I’m probably not getting bored with it, but I sort of need a change (or perhaps not)
I have seen and heard good issues from LoTRO (Plus I am fully in love with tolkiens books including the hobbit ans simarillion and Jacksons motion pictures), It is adult neighborhood, depth, story etc. But Is it a substitute or a WOW-killer?

Please only answer questions you truthfully know the reply to, and for those who’ve performed each video games, try to reply all the, and state which one you suppose is healthier and why: all four races begin in the same area? WoW did have seperate areas for all the races (excepts of course, for the Dwarf/gnomes and Orc/trolls)

2.How does the world measurement of the world in LoTRO evaluate to WoW? Just as huge? smaller? Extra/ less explorable? How much of Center-Earth is explorable?

3.Are the quests in LoTRO good? completely different to one another? ARE they designed for groups, solo-ers or each?

4.Are the dungeons exhausting in LoTRO? satisfying? immersing? thrilling? Rewarding?..Enjoyable?

5.Does “loot” or “gear” feel as epic as wow? satisfying? Does it look good? Is there a wide variety of different weapons, armor and many others?

5.I perceive you can’t play as an “evil” or “savage” side, and my heart all the time lied with the horde, but sure, I have heard of Monster play or “PvMP” but, how immerse is the PvP other than this?

6. Does the truth that you may play as solely four races take away an amount of playability? Or variety in gameplay?

7. Are the courses/ racial (abilities or whatever they are referred to as) combined, balanced, unique, attention-grabbing, and fair? How do they examine to WoW?

8. What does LoTRO have that wow doesn’t? What does WoW have that LoTRO would not?

Thanks for answering my questions! I know there were alot…
Oh, and by the way in which, I am more of an off-the-cuff MMORPG-er but I do like my PvP, and finish-sport content, whereas not devoting my life to the sport, maybe three to four NIGHTS (2 week days, and saturday and sunday) a week, perhaps, two or three hours every week-evening, and perhaps four to 5 hours on saturday while 3-4 tops on Sunday…nout routinely however its an estimate…
So which one could be more satisfying in this time-space? But please contemplate the questions above over this one, I could most likely handle time effectively play either WoW or LotRO.

Best answer:
1) World of warcraft has alot more diversity when it comes to classes just because of all the updates they have done.

2) The world size is much bigger in wow but lotro has plenty of room when its compares to world of warcraft.

3) Question in lotro is much more like your standard games, wow has a little more creativity when it comes to those.

4) Lotro dungeons are plenty satisfying when it comes to size and challenge.

5) Gear in wow feels much more powerful that might be due to how they keep on adding stronger and stronger gear.

6 and 7) Lotro has plenty of diversity when it comes to races, and keep in mind its free now.

8) Lotro is free, much more adult community, better graphics.

Overall both games are a lot a like but its more your prefence of taste.  While wow is going to be more refined due to their giant budget, you will find plenty to do in lord of the rings online.

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