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What is a FFXIV BOT? Well, a FFXIV Bot is a program (robot) that is designed to automated a character in game. It will level for you while you watch for hours, days, or weeks at a time. These have been used by Chinese farmers in the past to grind out millions of gil. To put it simply, a FFXIV bot puts your game on autopilot.

Even if you are very happy with FFXIV, everybody wishes they could level faster and easier. They dont call it a grind for nothing. Or, perhaps you want a second character and the mere thought of having to do it all over again and spend hours of more repetitive guildleves and mob grinding is too much to bear. Perhaps even, you’d like better armor, items and weapons, but lack the needed gil like many other players with far deeper pockets. That is what this FFXIV bot is all about. It will put your EXP and GIL earning on autopilot while you go to school, work, sleep, watch a movie, or whatever.

So Why Use A FFXIV Bot?

This kind of a bot is perfect for both for casual or hardcore players. Most of us have a real life and do not have as much time as we would like to spend playing, and that is where a FFXIV bot comes in. The idea is that you run the bot and let it play for you while you do other things. For the extreme hardcore players that already play a good deal, a FFXIV Bot is perfect for running overnight to cash in on all that extra gil that you would have lost from the time off to sleep.

Chinese gil farmers and powerlevelers use the same FFXIV bots as you can, but they charge you hundreds of dollars to level and make gil for you. All of which you can do right now for a fraction of the cost. A FFXIV leveling bot is not very complex or difficult configure, in fact it can be setup in minutes. There is numerous setup videos also you can watch and see exactly how to get it up and running within about 10 minutes. With a simple GUI, just configure your preferred play style and options, save, and your char will start botting away. Then every day, you just load up the saved profile, and it will resume farming EXP and GIL while you sit back and watch it all on autopilot.

FFXIV Bot Safety

Running a robot in FFXIV is incredibly safe as well. As Square Enix does not employ any kind of anti-cheat to catch this FFXIV bot or other botting programs there is little risk of having your account warned, suspended, or deactivated. The risks are about as much as regular players running around killing mobs and doing quests, maybe in fact even smaller because you will not have the interaction with other players that can tick people off and get your account flagged as somebody that harasses others.

If you’re getting tired of the famous grind in FFXIV you really have nothing left to lose by trying a FFXIV Bot. Remember, the idea is to work smarter not harder. Get more gil, get more levels, get the FFXIV Bot and you wont look back.


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